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Screenwriting, Sustainable Beer and Sneak Peak Soirees

Starting the year off with some classy editions - January's INF9RMER kicked off with Rachael Taylor from The Jewellery Cut Live telling us all about their goal to improve the jewellery element during London Fashion Week. Next up we travelled far out of Brighton to hear from Mike Shreeve, Helix HR as he filled us in on the recent educational improvement mission he was involved in over in Ethopia.

Beer, beer... tasty beer - now I've got your attention, Chris Drummond from Good Things Brewing has announced that they are opening the world's first fully sustainable off-grid brewery in the next few weeks - exciting stuff! He's promised a trip up for PLATF9RM Members when all is up and running. Usually seen sauntering around PLATF9RM Hove with an amazingly colourful array of clothes, Rebecca Manley treated us to the inside scoop of her current work in progress, screenwriting for the BBC.

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With their main attribute hidden in the name of their Company, the Think Productive team are hosting a party celebrating their tenth anniversary, alongside the fifth anniversary of Founder Graham Allcott's best-selling book How to be a Productivity Ninja. Delving straight back in to the Den of the Dragons with January's INF9RMER, this month Hazel Reynolds from Gamely told us all What Happened Next following her trip into BBC's Dragons' Den.

Sophie Wilson and the Tuesday Media team celebrated a great first year along with an exciting array of new clients and PLATF9RM Hove welcomed Equal Experts with open arms, Hove's biggest office team to date. We finished off this year's opening INF9RMER with a sneak peak into Hove's Ground Floor, of which we are now arranging tours. If you would like to book in for a tour of the Ground Floor space, contact Jessica - exciting stuff!

Thank you to everyone who put in the time to offer news for this month's INF9RMER, if you have something you would like to include for February then contact Membership Assistant Matt.