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Soundiculous, Soul Choirs and Snazzy Animations

With news ranging from Social Brighton's branding updates, to campaigns against trial shifts that are unpaid, Huskii's new design studio to Rachael Woolston testing your cardio, this INF9RMER has more variety than a box of Celebrations (before all the Malteaser favourites have been taken!).

To start off we have Vanessa, the choir leader of Soul of the City Choir informing us all about her upcoming pub sing-a-long in the North Laine Brewhouse. Next up we have the Belfast-come Brightonian, crime fighting Town Planner Colm McKee, filling us in on all the services he has on offer with his start-up freelancing business. Kerry and Callum from Social Brighton introduced us to not only their super fresh looking branding update in collaboration with Alex Gill, but also to their new team member Jess! (They also have a great new podcast!)

Rachael Woolston was up next promoting her company Girls Run the World, a motto she stands by both physically and metaphorically. Rachael is running an Run Wild retreat made up of sunrise yoga and Sussex countryside trial running - sounds dreamy right? You may have noticed a new addition to your PLATF9RM workspace, in the form of a tiny games library! Gamely Ltd. Games have lovingly donated a few packs of their brand new games Soundiculous and The Pretender along with their best seller Randomise, for people to borrow and play at their leisure - get silly!

INF9RMER #5 Photo.jpg

You may have seen him recently talking at not only one, but TWO <PLATF9RM data-preserve-html-node="true" Cereal Fillers over August - Tony Rogers, from Deja People has been promoting a campaign close to his heart. Backing a recently launched campaign about Say No To Unpaid Trial Shifts, Tony is getting the word out. Susie Saary gave us a premier to her new song 'Would You', something that went down a treat over Brighton Pride!

Floor 6 favourites Martine Warburton and Andy Broughton finally got themselves their first office, the ideal spot to get their recent collaboration company Huskii Studio off the ground. Keep up to date with any new developments by subscribing to their email. Last but certainly not least, we introduced AXON to the PLATF9RM family as they found themself a base for their Brighton operations on Floor 5.

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