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The Vlog Academy, Virtual Reality and a Video about Ethical Sustainability

International Women's month is important to us all, especially to our members. Sarah Bagg guides us straight into the first section of this month's INF9RMER, sharing her female focused Artists Open House. Scott Sale's Hen party haven was given the limelight it deserves whilst PLATF9RM Hove Ground Floor's newest member Wendy Dolan, treated us all to a podcast she guest starred on last week; ranging from her New Orleans inspired playlist to life as an overseas entrepeneur.

Offworld Industries' Tristan Mills told us all about Squad's goals, sharing an insight into about his life alongside his work as a environmental digital artist. We tightened up our running boots (prematurely as it may be...) as Claire Jenkins let us in on an early bird discounted entrance fee for Brighton's oldest 10k run.

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SuPR-man Mike Marquiss explained how his company Decoded Comms stands aside from the rest as it continues to grow entering his second year of freelance work, whilst Vlogging pro Mi Elfverson fills PLATF9RM members in on the benefits The Vlog Academy courses can provide for companies.

PALA's ethical genius John Pritchard yet again found himself an exciting addition to the INF9RMER Newsletter as he presented his video which tells the bigger story behind his glasses cases. Finally, Tower Point's touring twosome Roxy and Jerome of Coglode take a pit stop from their UX trip to invite PLATF9RM members along to their talk at UX London - with a discounted entrance code!

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