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Pedal People, Personal Projects and a PR Pro's Progression

Smiley faces all round this month as we step straight into the compassionate section of the INF9RMER, with Andy Bradley from Frameworks 4 Change. Andy believes that vulnerability should be met with kindness and helps businesses embrace these compassionate mentalities for within the workplace. Next up we have Jude Thompson from WDM Collective, filling us in on their mission to amplify women in the dance music industry - with a nod towards an event they are running at Brighton Music Conference later this year! PLATF9RM's answer to Bear Grylls, Kim Slade from Unlost Co. tells us about his latest venture - Adventure Club! Come along Thursday 21 February and find out more!

Brighton Third Sector Training (B3ST) fill us in on their internship in Seville, Spain - who wouldn't want to go teach languages and learn social media and marketing skills over in Sunny España?! We also paid homage to David Hillier, the Mr Miyagi that inspired Matt to write the INF9RMER in the individual style it's developed in to. David is flying the PLATF9RM nest as he utilises 2019 to focus on personal projects.

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Rose O'Callaghan has taken the plunge many other PLATF9RM'ers are all too familiar with - the stride towards becoming freelance. Bringing her PR and journalism skills to the table, Rose is looking for other freelances and business owners to chat with over a cuppa whilst sharing experience and inspiring creativity. For those of you who attended Hove's Cereal Filler in December, you may remember Jason Baker of Citrus Ornge sharing his business motive of helping ex-offenders and those recovering from addiction get back into the working world. Jason shared with us his exciting news that the Forward Enterprise Fund have agreed to supply his company with all the funding the company needs - amazing news!

Elly Hargreave of the newly named Pedal People, shared with us the amazing journey that they have taken not only as a start up charity, but also their bike journeys. The charity they run supports older people and helps get them out of thei care homes and seeing the city in a way they may now find less accessible. We finished off this month with Matt plugging his very own charity cause, (because if you can't promote yourself in your own newsletter, then where can you?!). Matt is running his very first half-marathon this Sunday, raising money for a personal cause which is very close to his heart. If you would like to find out more about little Franck's story, you can find and support the cause here.

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