The INF9RMER Newsletter is matt-iculously crafted, lovingly nurtured, marinated in enthusiasm and cooked at 200℃ for 15 minutes, by PLATF9RM's Front of House team member Matt. If you have any exciting upcoming projects within your company, would like to let everyone know how your business is progressing in some way, or have a future event coming up - then feel free to email Matt, drop him a message on Slack or come find him in person for a quick chat.

Summercamps, Saunas and Z X Spectrums

Your monthly INF9RMER is this week kicked off by a bunch of PLATF9RM's faves, the happy chappies over at The Happy Start Up School. Carlos, Laurence and Sophie are letting everyone know about their highly anticipated Summercamp! However, if glamping isn't your cup of tea, Teodora from RS Works has the answer... A range of products that are recyclable and sustainable, whilst providing you with that well needed fashionable craving. A range of paper-like, water resistant TYVEK bags for all your stylish needs. Today PLATF9RM's event space will be hosting a lunchtime special for the Lovie Awards, introduced by Mark and the team over at Good Rebels, make sure you drop by to floor 5 between 12:30 and 1:30!

Next up we had ThinkNation's front-lady, Lizzie Hodgson, often described as one of the most inspiring women you will ever meet - sharing all the news on her upcoming podcast, the Z X Spectrum, updates of which can be found on Lizzie's Twitter. The faint whiff of a chicken, bacon and avo bagel can commonly be smelt whilst walking around Brighton. Bagelman's Ironman, Anthony Prior has this month gifted PLATF9RM Members with some free bagel vouchers - whilst also informing us on his upcoming 100km foot race through Chamonix Mont Blanc!

INF9RMER #4 Photo.jpg

If you've ever sat at your computer, banging the keyboard in a fit of rage when you see the spinning wheel of death (specifically Apple product users) whilst attempting to update your WordPress site - fear no more. Simon Batchelor, the WordPress wizard and the team over at WPTasks are offering their services to take care of all the annoying parts for you, hit them up. Katie Bracher and Liz Watson are bringing Brighton beach their reimagined Beach Box Sauna Spa. A mixture of Sauna treatments, whisking thermal massages, salt inhalations and ‘Löyly’ (no i'm not too sure what it is either). All of which finish, with you plunging straight into the sea to cool off!

Lindsey Pickles, Founder and Director of Bright Dials is striving to educate clients on CRM and just what marketing automation actually is. Lindsey is running an event next Tuesday (24/7), be sure to pop along! Finishing this week's INF9RMER, we have Roland Pogonyi - fresh meat over at On Device Reseach. Roland rides motorbikes and plays guitar (hopefully not at the same time!), whilst also having a fond liking to cats - We feel he will fit in well with te crazed animal fanatics already part of the PLATF9RM Community (myself included).