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Easy Tigers, Dragons' Den and Snail Spotting

Creative content strategist, freelance writer and all round boss-lady, Lana Burgess, is looking for speakers for Brighton Digital Women events in 2019. Yes/No Publishing have unveiled their political follow-ups to last year’s satirical sellout hits, this year includes Unofficial Annuals from the likes of both Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump. The PLATF9RM team's talented portrait photographer Emma Croman has given members an opportunity to get involved in her newest project VALID.

Brighton's beloved Matcha Tea company OMGTea told us all about Katherine Swift's experience on Dragon's Den. 23Digital treated us to a video they created for the Martlets Hospice Snail's in an attempt to help fundraise for their charity.

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Wildheart Media's content queen, Hannah Moss, has written an essential Christmas stocking filler for all the PLATF9RM yoga enthusiasts. The Pond gang along with Nick, Jack and Simon treated us to some insider information on their new set up over at Easy Tiger @ The Hampton, teasing us all with a sneak peak at the Indian Street Food they now have on offer.

Hove's PR wizards FUGU have ended 2018 on a bang by winning three awards at the South England PRide Awards this month and My Hotel finished off 2018's final INF9RMER with some extremely exciting PLATF9RM Member only discounts on rooms and at their hotel bar Merkaba.

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