Member of the Week - Sofaya Hussein

Introducing Sofaya Hussein; the wonderful brain behind HeadBlush, glitter extraordinaire and lover of Queen Latifah.

Hi Sofaya, tell us a bit about your company Headblush and what you do.

Hiya! Headblush is really an extension of myself, all about bold, colourful makeup that’s centred in experimenting and creativity rather than an idea of what we should look like or how we should do things. Headblush Glitta is all about the sparkle, bringing gorgeous biodegradable glitter goodness to events throughout Sussex and London and even your very own makeup bag! Everything we do is about letting go and having fun and saying eff you to expectations.

All of your products are eco-friendly, what made you decide to have this as part of your brand?

This is why we use exclusively biodegradable glitter in everything that we do, as well as biodegradable wipes and bin bags for the Glitta Bar (we decided to ditch cotton buds), and glass pots, paper stickers and tin lids for our Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam products.

What has been a highlight (see what I did there?) of running Headblush so far?

Running Headblush has really opened up a whole new world for me. I’m such a chatty, social person so it has been wonderful to meet so many new, kind and talented people, whether they be customers, creatives or other business owners.


You’re new to PLATF9RM, how have you found it so far?

I bloody LOVE it! Everyone is so friendly, there are so many dogs to cuddle and the selection of tea is on point. I’ve found my productivity goes through the roof on the days that I’m working at PLATF9RM (despite all the chatting) and it’s really helping in taking my business to the next level.

You’re based in Hove Town Hall, what attracted you to that space?

For one, it’s right around the corner from my house, but after seeing the Ground Floor space, I just knew it was time to go for it and become a member. It has such an inviting and warm vibe to it - I’m especially partial to the cosy quiet room in the middle.

Are there any events of ours you have your eye on?

I’m very much looking forward to making it to one of the PLATF9RM socials and a Cereal Filler so that I can meet other members, have a chat and learn. I love how friendly and collaborative PLATF9RM is so I’d like to get stuck into the community a bit more!

Who are some of your make up inspirations?

Oooh, this is a tough one! I adore the makeup artists Bea Sweet Beauty and Umber Ghauri, drag queens like Kim Chi and the Instagrammers Shrinkle and MakeUpMouse. Anyone who chooses the brightest colours in the palette and goes for it really!

We’re very jealous you get to spend a whole 5 weeks at the Spiegeltent again this year glittering people up! Do you have any good stories from your time there last year?

I can’t think of any specific stories, as so much went on! I wore my Plus Equals kimono (a flip-sequin holographic black and pink jacket) most of the time though, and people just couldn’t resist drawing things in it! It was a very good ice breaker and often led to many hilarious encounters.

Okay, it’s Sunday, it’s not stopped raining all day, you’re in your PJ’s at home curled up on your sofa, what film do you watch?

Last Holiday, nothing is better than Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. It’s my go-to - I watch it at least once a month!

Thank you Sofaya!

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