Member of the Week - Lewis White

Introducing Lewis White, Director and founder of start-up Flagstaff Consultants, secret Shakespeare fan and general good guy to have around.

Hello Lewis! So you’re one of our fave newbies, how are you liking PLATF9RM?

What a delightful thing to say. I’m lovingPLATF9RM thanks for asking. Dad, forgive me for saying this, it’s just good vibes. The people, the atmos, the coffee - wunderbar..


We’ve noticed you have a favourite spot on floor 6 with a view of the sea. Would you say you’re a creature of habits?

I’d say I have a fearful respect of the sea, as should you. It is an element and it should be respected. But yes, I certainly am a creature of habit, creature sounds a bit harsh though.

How did you enjoy PLATF9RM’s second Birthday party?

I had a lovely evening, thank you kindly. The people were a delight and you had one of my favourite beverages (Bison Beer See Side) on the go. It’s a rather unseemly £5.90 a pint in the local pub, you were giving them out for free. You can’t really argue with savings like that, can you?

So you did a degree in English and are a self-professed ‘dabbler’ in Shakespeare - how did that take you to recruitment?

I decided against becoming a world class literary genius, author and wordsmith as it’s not about the awards, you know? I knew I wanted to wear a suit and work in the City, so I tried recruitment. I didn’t like it at first but then I liked it, it went well. A few winters passed and I realised I could build an agency that holds some real values at it's core - and now I’m here.

Do you ever miss your ends in South-East London?

I miss my grandmother but I’ve been busy with Flagstaff and she’s been busy running South East London, as she’s been known to do. I’d like to go back to Greenwich Park a bit more as that’s a lovely part of the world but I must say, I love Brighton and right now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Cheesy.

If you were to write a book what would it be about?

Something original for sure. Perhaps a series of novels set in a fictional middle ages world featuring warring families, knights, dragons etc. Nobody’s really done that yet.

Who’s your favourite ginger person? (I’m allowed to ask ginger questions as I have ginger blood)

I haven’t seen you at our weekly gatherings? I couldn’t pick one, we all have to stick together.

What’s the biggest travelling mare you’ve had?

I’m really quite organised being the rock n rolla I am so we were fine most of the time. We did stay in a rather undesirable part of Cambodia once, despite a local man advising me against it due to it being “where the gangs are” but at $3 cheaper a night it was too good of a deal to miss. We were fine in the end but it was certainly not the Ritz.

What’s the most important thing being in your 20’s has taught you?

Not to worry about things. Things will be what they will be. If you can fix something, great, but if not, don’t worry about it. Be happy.

Thank you Lewis!

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