Member of the Week - Frazer Stokes

This week we have Frazer Stokes, the friendly face and Founder of WasteBuild, a business he started from scratch after finding his passion in wanting to help the enviroment and improving climate change, as well as an avid halloumi fan.

Hello and congratulations on being Member of the Week! According to your LinkedIn, you founded WasteBuild exactly a year ago, what is WasteBuild?

WasteBuild is an exhibition and conference for architects, engineers, designers and developers who want to do something about the climate emergency! Construction accounts for around 50% of all raw materials consumed and over 20% of waste going to landfill. When I started reading into it, I was amazed there was no event tackling this, so I launched WasteBuild - the first international event for the construction industry that is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a circular and regenerative built environment.

You’ve surpassed the typically bumpy passage of time that every new business has to endure - the one year mark! How has the last twelve months treated you? What has been the most difficult or scary part?

Like a roller coaster! And I wouldn't say I'm through it yet. Given the lead time required to launch an event of this scale from scratch the first WasteBuild event isn't until this December in Amsterdam. The most difficult part, (and there are many) I would say is prioritising and knowing when to delegate. I want to do everything myself and I want it done yesterday... but that often means I waste my time on things I could delegate and the overall project suffers!


What’s next on WasteBuild’s horizon?

See above 👆 I need to get in some sales support - so any offers let me know! Also of course the build up to the event in December is really picking up now (again need additional resource) so all efforts are focused there!

You’ve been at PLATF9RM for nearly as long as WasteBuild has been established, how have you found it here?

PLATF9RM has been essential for WasteBuild in this first year. I love everything about it, the community, the environment, the staff! Amazing for me as a small business to have access to these facilities both for the day to day stuff but also to be able to use it for events and welcome clients and suppliers. Instant credibility which is so important for a launch.

Similarly, you’ve spent almost as much time at Tower Point as you have at Hove Town Hall, which one is your favourite?

Both are great! I tend to use Tower Point when I have other meetings in Brighton or when visitors from out of town are coming to see me. I love Hove Town Hall though, it's closer to home and also the facilities, especially now with The Grounds open, are amazing and really work for me personally and the business.

What are the benefits in co-working spaces for a company such as yours?

There are the practical things like wifi, printing, tea/coffee etc but also the community that comes along with PLATF9RM is incredible. I've lost count of the amount of really amazing people I've met and important business conversations I've had as a result of people overhearing me on the phone explaining the event to someone, and asking to find out more!

If you could transmute into any other animal, and back into Frazer again, at will - which animal would you pick?

Any animal... A sea turtle. I'd swim around trying to teach my mates the difference between plastic bags and jelly fish. Unfortunately not easy for us sea turtles to tell the difference! Also my daughter once came home from school talking about being a perseverance turtle... definitely a quality needed to launch a business!

If the world didn’t need saving, and money was no object, what would you fill your hours with?

I would fill my hours with... love, laughter, great memories and anticipation for more to come. And halloumi!

If you had to have one of your five senses robbed from you, which one would you sacrifice?

Five senses... Don't you mean six? I'd probably do away with telepathy, it can be a burden sometimes anyway :)

Thank you Frazer!

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