Member of the Week - Becky Rui

Introducing Brighton-based Brand Photographer and artist Becky Rui.

Hello Becky, so you started your profession as a brand photographer 7 years ago. Had you always wanted to pursue a career in photography?

I had always wanted to pursue a creative career but I didn’t know what that would be. I started my photography business because I wanted to go to film school and I thought it would be a good way of funding that! But growing up I was always the girl with the camera in her hand taking photos of everything and everyone.


Do you work with people before you shoot them to achieve your aesthetic?

I would say 50% of the work I do happens before the day of shooting. Half of what I do is getting to know my clients, helping them clarify their message and the feel of their brand and then planning the shoot together.

It’s nice because everyone is unique - it’s always interesting learning about life stories and how they came to do their particular type of work.

What is a good tip for getting people to loosen up in front of the camera?

Getting to know each other and building genuine trust is very important. Then we start with meditation to really ground into why we’re doing this and why it matters. It reminds people that their passion-based business is bigger than their ego.

You also draw and make prints, what themes/subjects do you focus on?

I focus mostly on nature whether it’s flowers and nature or the female form. I’ve been doing digital illustrations over these personal photographs from my travels and really enjoying that.

Do you take a lot of photos outside of work and if so, what of?

I’ve recently got back into personal projects. Photography wise, I like starting where I’m at, for example, I’ve been interviewing my neighbours and taking their picture. Everyone’s got a story and I’m interested in who is around us. I think our environment is really important; I mostly shoot people and places.

Are there any other areas, creatively or professionally that you would like to explore more?

I would like to get into (and am in the process of getting into) filmmaking and coaching. Coaching-wise I would like to spread a positive message about our relationship with technology helping people to interact with their phones and technology in a way that is beneficial and healthy.

Are you enjoying the new space on the ground floor?

Yes, I’m loving it, it’s awesome. Even though it’s so spacious I love going into the lounge because it’s cosy. Hove Town Hall is also very close to my house. I am genuinely really happy and excited about it!

What events, if any, have you attended at PLATF9RM?

I’ve been to a few cereal fillers here (talking for 3 minutes about a subject of your choice) and taken part in them.

What sort of things did you talk about?

I've spoken about tips on personal branding and using social media responsibly. At the most recent cereal filler I also spoke about having a conscious relationship with technology and the way we use our phones, especially as fellow business owners. I’ve been writing a big article about this which I’m going to put on my blog soon!

Thank you Becky!

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