Member of the Week - Loulou Styling Storey


Meet Loulou Styling Storey: Full-time empowerer, Style coach, deadlifter and well versed negotiator with her 3 year old.

Can you tell us a bit about what you do as Loulou Styling Storey and who you work with?

In a nutshell, I give clarity to women on what to wear and how to wear it and to be proud of who they are. As a style coach, I style women to transform their lives through clothes. I work with personal clients as well as brands about how clothing can be used as a tool to empower women on a day-to-day basis. Our identities and wellbeing are so tied up in how we feel about ourselves, clothes should be a tool for empowerment rather than shame or stress. So the brand work, I do a lot of presenting and events for brands - me + em, The Fold, Triumph Lingerie. I share my message of empowerment style with BBC Radio London, Marie Claire and Psychologies Magazine.

Where did Style Storey begin?

I’d say when I was 15, I was styling my best friend in her bedroom and she had nothing to wear. I was always helping her with outfits she could wear and that was really where it began. Then I worked in retail for 17 years, so I really got to understand the frustrations of customers and women and how hard they are on themselves; their critical voice is so tough. I studied at london college of fashion and got a first class degree in marketing, so gained a lot of inside into identity, tribes and branding. Marketers and companies can positively empower their customer or shame them to live up to an ideal, so that gave me a lot of impetus that we have a choice in our own businesses that we can empower those around us and that’s what I do.

Then it really really started: I left my job, moved to Brighton, had my daughter and thought I was going to set up my own business but I suffered from postnatal depression and anxiety. So started working with a life coach and realised that if I combined these worlds, there was lots of other women who had lost their identity like I had, if I could rebuild myself and get clear on who I was, then I could help others to do the same.

I know you’ve already got quite the year planned for 2019, can you give us any insights into what you've got coming up?

Well, I’m in talks with Karen Millen and a few other brands at the moment. As our working worlds changing to much it’s become more casual but also more important to communicate your brand and who you are, and so I’m in talks with them on styling events and creating training programmes for their sales associated teams. Giving back to the retail world (laughs). Of course, continue to work with my regulars to make sure they feel stylish everyday and cannot wait to meet the new women that I’ll be helping to showcase themselves!

You inspire others daily, but who are your personal major style icons?

I love Victoria Beckham, She has transformed gone from this cheesy pop princess, to a fashion tycoo - very simple, but really good tailoring. Unfussy classic lines done in a modern contemporary way. Also Leandre cohen aka The Man Repeller.

Both women who have been true to themselves and created really powerful fashion to help women to be themselves.

What about PLATF9RM, how do we help your business?

Recently a lot of husbands have been coming to me to buy my styling services for their wives and girlfriends. Mentally, it’s helped me because I love coming to work and getting out the house, having my own little commute and being part of the growth of something else. Being inspired from PLATF9RM on how to build a brand and run a business has been really fascinating.

Favourite beverage on site at PLATF9RM?

The teas are great! And I do love the beer and homemade cocktails you guys do on a Friday.

You’re only allowed to buy from ONE retailers going forward, where is it?

Net-a-porter or Sézan, that’s two though.

Any hidden talents?

I revealed some of my hidden talents at the second birthday when I got up and danced my socks off. Negotiation, I suppose, because I have to negotiate with a three year old. I’m also a powerlifter, I can deadlift 87.5 and squat 57 kilos.

What’s your ultimate trip of a lifetime?

I think I would do something like California, Mexico, Cuba and all of South America, dance my way around those.

Thank you Lou Lou!

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