Company of the Week - Matchbox Mobile

Meet Pippa: a software engineer for Matchbox Mobile, believer in the great outdoors and a future expert saver (or at least she hopes).

Given you’ve just moved in, we’re still very new to Matchbox, and it seems as though there’s a variety of developing you do. Could you tell us a bit more about your endeavours?

We do a bit of everything, there are a couple of projects that are mobile phone applications, some web applications, web portals dashboards and webshops, that kind of stuff. A bit of tangent off that, we do voice skills; Alexa, Google. Basically we do anything and everything that anyone asks us to do.

Who is it that you work with? Have you had any stand out clients?

We have done a lot of stuff in the past for Microsoft, we’re Microsoft partners. We also built the telematics app for the AA; I worked on the backend systems of that one. Another recent thing Matchbox has also built things like the Facebook chatbot for Penguin to recommend books to people based on their reading preferences and a connected trailer app for an iconic American trailer manufacturer. Before my time when Windows phone was a thing Matchbox developed the official Facebook app for Microsoft. Oh, also Bandai-Namco, we made the Pac-Man stories Alexa app for them

Pip, how long have you been at Matchbox and what’s your main area of work?


So, I started nearly two years ago, May 2017 - I’m a software engineer and I’m mostly looking at the backend side of things.

You’re still in your first month at PLATF9RM, how have you found settling in?

It’s been really good, such a change from our old office, every other desk was empty; we were rattling around in there a bit. So it’s nice to have other people around and to have other people make the coffee is nice because we used to have quite a lot of arguments about who’s turn it was to make the coffee.

What was it about PLATF9RM that made moving appealing?

The decision was actually made by the CEO. The main reason was to be more involved in the community and around people doing similar things, so kind of a networking thing.

Have you been able to attend any of the events? If not, have you got any lined up?

I went to the Christmas social but I couldn’t stay too long, next I’m contemplating going to the Walkshop.

Our events theme this month is finance, have you got any tips for saving?

It’s not my specialty.. In 2019, it’s one of my resolutions to be better at it.

Any lessons learnt in 2018 that you’ve carried into 2019?

I guess just perseverance. There’s been a lot of times last year when we’ve been doing things we’ve not ever done before and after we’ve stuck with it, we’ve eventually become the experts.

Have you got any tips for combatting the January blues?

Getting outside: it’s been a really nice January actually, been getting out and doing a lot of walking on the weekends and that’s really helpful.