Member of the Week - Howard Scott

Meet Howard - Founder of creative consultancy Three B3ars.

So Howard can you give us your CV in a nutshell?

I’m founder of start-up, digital-first, creative consultancy Three B3ars, which I set up in early 2018 after around seven years working as a consultant digital strategist and leader on both agency-side and client-side. I felt it was the right time to scale the business up from just myself, and have struck strategic partnerships with companies around Brighton and further afield, including Tuesday Media who are also based in PLATF9RM.

I’ve got over 22 years experience at places like Leagas Delaney, TBWA/Tequila, The Marketing Store and Digitas LBi, as well as the National Trust and Visit Britain. I have also lectured for Google on their “Squared” courses, the University of Southampton, and was a non-exec board member of BIMA.


What has been your greatest work accomplishment?

I’m extremely proud of the work I did as Head of Digital at the National Trust. I’ve won awards in the past, for many different clients, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on many amazing brands in my career. But that client was special and I hold them dear in my heart. For them to win Digital Brand of the Year in 2016 off the back of the strategy I put in place, and the new website and app we created, was an amazing thing. I still get a thrill thinking about it. It was an amazing place, I had an amazing team and it was for a great cause.

How is it working with your partner Sophie, are the lines between work and pleasure treaded carefully?

We still run our separate businesses which is very important to us and Sophie has invested a lot in her own brand, we do have overlapping skill sets but there are also differences. Mine is more digitally focused, Sophie is more on branding. We do make a clear delineation between work life and private life, that’s really important. We’ve just come back from holiday actually and ended up doing a bit of work whilst we were out there but we’re good at managing our time so that we balance work and recreation.

So we hear you’re going sober for october, what was it that inspired this leap?

I am right now yes! I wanted to do it for health reasons I guess, perhaps also finance but that’s not my primary driver. It’s also for a good cause and if I can kill many birds with one stone with it then that’s great. I don’t miss it at all!

Are there any other vices that you think you would really struggle to cut out for a month?

Over the last 18 months my life has changed a lot, I wanted to lose weight, I wasn’t eating healthy, I wanted to change that. I don’t snack anymore, I only have three meals a day, I try not to eat carbs after breakfast and I don't drink any fizzy drinks. Those were all vices that have been hard to cut. Playing Playstation as well, I should reduce that, but at the moment I have enough on my plate!

What is the thing you’re most looking forward to this coming autumn/winter?

Well, I’m least looking forward to rain but, I love the cold though, looking forward to the cold weather clothes! I’m a sucker for holiday season, I just like the whole thing, getting together with friends, the seasonality itself is nice. This will be my first full year in Brighton as well, I used to live in LA but have been pleasantly surprised by the city. It was a worryingly good summer, what have we done to our planet!

What was your work arrangement before you started at PLATF9RM. ?

I have been freelance for about 7 years, I decided to scale up as a freelancer into an agency at the beginning of the year. I have been working in co-working spaces the last 7 years, worked in spaces in LA and before that in a co-working place in Winchester, prior to that I was a member at the Hospital Club so it's actually a very familiar atmosphere. It has a very agency feel and I like that. I have worked from home but I got too isolated so working in a coworking space is good, you make friends and opportunities present themselves.

Has being at PLATF9RM allowed you to collaborate with other companies more effectively?

Absolutely, I collaborate regularly with Brice Groves and have just started working with Merci downstairs. It’s strange though, those collaborations have come about at other networking events but what's great is that we realise we both work at PLATF9RM and it just makes the whole process so smooth.

If you were to do PLATF9RM‘s Cereal Filler can you give us a few topics that might take your fancy that you could talk about with no preparation?

Ohh, I could talk about the importance of content marketing, strategy driven distribution, setting up internal processes and agency management and operations. From a experience point of view I reckon I could talk about similarities between coworking in LA and Brighton, I would call it ‘Insights from a brief spell in LA’.

Thank you Howard!

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