Member of the Week - Gintare Matuzaite

Introducing Gintare Matuzaite; founder of Amberoot, seeker of sustainability and all round lovely lady.


You’re the creator of Amberoot, the sustainable and ethical online store for fashion and home, can you tell us a bit about the inception of Amberoot and your products?

I love nature and I come from quite an analytic background, so I looked into what areas are overlooked in terms of climate change and fashion really was; it’s one of the most polluting industries, really very unethical. I thought everyone should know, so that’s why we have both a blog as well as selling menswear, womenswear and homeware that's organic, fairtrade, ethical and environmentally friendly.

You previously worked in banking, how did you get from there to Amberoot?


I studied business, after this I got into banking. I was changing between lots of roles and I felt a big lack of meaning; what was I contributing? So I decided to do something more meaningful.

I think with my background, analysing how things are and how they could be, I felt frustrated and I wanted to do better.

For example the largest source of plastic pollution in seas is from our synthetic clothing. Not many people now about it, so they don’t know what is better - mainly natural fabrics. Which is why we are all natural fabrics - no plastic.

Who sources your products?

Me! Ask me who does anything for Amberoot and that’s mainly the answer.

I’m aware that you’ve co-worked before, what, in your experience, makes PLATF9RM

I worked somewhere else in Brighton, but it wasn’t the same, I really like being here; mainly because of the staff, super welcoming and friendly. You have wonderful music, greenery and good people. The teas are wonderful and the space is cosy. I have no criticisms, everything is good!

Have you met any PLATF9RM pals yet?

You! And lots of other people - plus lots of dog friends.

Before coming to the UK, you spent time in Lithuania, the USA, Canada, Sweden and Denmark. Where has been your favourite place to live and why?

I really love Canada, they’re such friendly people and I learned a lot. In general it was such a lovely place. I love the UK, lots of friendly people and lots of opportunities.

Have you got any new year's resolutions?

Lots of plans, but no resolutions yet.

What’s your favourite book you’ve read this year?

What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming by Per Espen Stoknes and Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans De Waal

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