Member of the Week - Nick Flynn

Introducing Nick Flynn, legal director at Azaaz, dedicated family man, part-time guitarist and all round cracking human.

Hey Nick! Could you tell us a bit about Avaaz and how it works?

We’re one of the worlds biggest online campaigning organisations, if not THE biggest, and, one of the first. I’m legal director there, so handing offense and defense in law. The mission statement is; to close the gap between the world we have, and the world everyone, everywhere wants. We have about 50 million members worldwide, who’s voices we use for change.


What has been your favourite, or rather, most important, campaign so far?

I think it was a campaign I worked on regarding Rupert Murdoch, because I invested so much time in it. It had such a legal strategie to it, and it played out over such a long period of time. It’s important, because you can see right now the way the news is delivered. Whether it’s trump saying fake news, or otherwise. There’s something fundamental happening to the media, and we’re part of it. We use the media to get our message out. It was such a big case, and I felt like I grew professionally, and personally.

Who do you work with on these?

I’ve got 100 collegues, they’re all around the world. There’s about 8 in London, they’re all wonderful people, I see a lot of the on Skype and Zoom. It wouldn’t be unusual to be on the phone to Greenpeace, or Clientearth. There’s an ecosystem of organisations who are involved in similar fights, in similar spaces. On a needs must basis. But it’s just 100 people, I don’t know if it will grow beyond that. However, 100 people can do quite a lot, with an audience of 50 million people, and growing.

What do you enjoy most about co-working at PLATF9RM ?

The atmosphere is quite conducive to work within, I find it easy to work here. I was a bit sceptical, thought there’d be too many distractions. The difference between working from home and coming here, is quite marked. You come in, it’s a nice atmosphere. There’s enough quiet space to sit down and get on. I’m quite productive here, whereas at home there are quite a lot of distractions. Here I can get into a flow, and hold it. Something about it, I couldn’t put my finger on what it is. Maybe it’s the feng shui.

How does PLATF9RM compare to previous coworking spaces?

I think I was surprised to see it when it came, I’d been working at Avaaz for four years, and I’d been in office spaces before. But, defaulted to home working. 2 - 3 years ago, I was looking for a coworking space, and, I was really surprised that Brighton didn’t seem to have any. There were some, I had the odd day, but it didn’t really work for me. So it’s great to find that there’s somebody who’s got it right.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to - any hobbies?

I am pretty immersed in family however I often like fiddling around with my guitar(s). I like to read, a lot and going for the occasional run.

What’s the most unexpected thing about yourself?

My capacity to embrace the unexpected. I think you have a choice in life as you get older, and I’m getting older, you can embrace change, the unexpected, work with it, and go with it. Or you can resist it and be anxious and fearful. I have plenty of experience of hiding, but it’s glorious to have the opportunity to change course, leave that behind, and flourish.

Favourite holiday destination?

Cornwall. I don’t think you need to go very far for an adventure. It’s nice, and I have, but there’s something about Cornwall, and it’s not just about Poldark!

Thank you Nick!

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