9 Benefits Of Flexible Working Hours

We are living in the era of flexible working hours and co-working. A recent study by HSBC reported that 89% of employees believed flexible working was key for boosting productivity, whilst 54% of those surveyed by research firm Clutch said they’re more productive outside of a traditional office environment.

Here’s nine reasons why a flexible hours membership is both present and future. (And, yes, we know we’re biased but hear us out.)

Reduced costs and commitments

Whether you’re the owner of a small agency or solopreneur, flexible hours co-working memberships keep the costs down and your financial commitments limited. You can go month-to-month and not be wed to long-term office costs that can be such a drain in those early days. Sleepful nights are made of this.


You can exercise more

The benefits of exercise are well-reported and the NHS itself calls it the the “miracle cure we've all been waiting for”. Having a flexible hours arrangement – either as a freelancer making your own timetable or with an employer – enables you to make your working hours fit in around the exercise, rather than vice versa. No more 6am slogs to the gym, no more 9pm runs in the rain. Do the exercise you want, your way, and see how it changes every aspect of your life.


Perfect for the night workers

Obviously this wouldn’t work for all industries but for some people – looking at you writers and graphic designers – inspiration only comes with a setting sun. A flexible hours membership gets you out of your bedroom and into the real world.


Life admin, be gone!

Whether its food shopping or the doctor’s, life admin is a responsibility we all have to face. Flexible working hours means you don’t have to spend your Saturday afternoon’s traipsing round Sainos or asking your boss for a Tuesday morning off to finally get that rash checked.


You keep work at work

One commonly cited problem with a remote working culture is that the lines between the office and home are not just becoming blurred, but actively erased. As a result our overstimulated brains never get the downtime they so desperately need. Make a flexible hours membership work for you. Leave your computer at the office and stop trawling spreadsheets during The Great British Bake Off.


Decrease child healthcare costs

The average cost of sending a child under two to nursery is £122.46 a week part time and £232.84 a week full time. Scale these costs up for multiple children and they can be debilitating. Flexible working hours enable you to work around your children’s needs, from nursery all the way to university. (Or at least high school.)


Keep your own hours

Everyone works to a different beat. Some of us are morning dwellers, many (many) aren’t. Working to someone else’s hours is a major cause of stress. Imagine, for instance, arriving for work at 10.30 on a Monday rather than 8.30. Sayonara, Sunday Fear.


Decreasing stress

Decreasing our exposure to stress is one of the greatest challenges facing our modern working culture. A recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation saw 28% of millennials state that working through stress was expected in their job whist 34% said this stress made them less productive. By taking ownership of your working hours – vis-a-vis your life – you’ll be able to march to your own beat and feel better with every step.


You are now the boss

In the UK, 4.8million people are self-employed or freelance, representing 15% of the population. This is a lot of people who are now the queens and kings of their work castle. A flexible hours working membership will truly give your ownership of your empire. Arise!


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