Member of The Week - Zoe Brownrigg

Introducing Zoe Brownrigg - social media manager extraordinaire, secret singer/songwriter and general optimist.

So you have the job that many millenials would idealise! Can you tell us a bit about the reality of managing social media?

The reality’s what you make of it. I’m very spontaneous in my creativity so I chose not to schedule most of my posts, and instead visit my clients often throughout the week to create fresh content. I also have to reply in real-time to customer queries and complaints etc - this often means that I have to whip my phone out at social occasions and excuse myself for a few minutes, which can definitely be annoying for everyone, but it also means my “work hours” are completely flexible and I get to live the sweet freelancer life of working on the beach etc!

Do you find it hard to switch off and be without social media in your personal life?

Definitely! I love going for a dog walk and not taking my phone, even then I often do take it in case I want to take a picture, but I can just about stay off the socials for an hour or so...that’s bad isn’t it?! I would love to go out and stay in a log cabin once a month for a weekend and not have any internet, to really unplug and unwind. Working in social media can sometimes feel like you’re never truly ‘off’. Also, even though Facebook is on the “way out” (especially for the 18-35s - it’s all about Insta now don’t you know), I would still be lost without it as that’s pretty much where I find out about every social event/gig/exhibition/birthday, and Instagram just can’t compete with that (right now).


So a little birdy (yours truly) mentioned at the karaoke social that you enjoy singing and songwriting - Has that always been a passion of yours?

I’m actually song writing at the moment for a solo project and am currently looking for band members! I need a drummer, bassist - anyone please! But yes, it’s always been a passion of mine and I have been singing since I was four at the East Sussex Junior Choir. I’ve since been in a band for four years under the name 'Sundaughter'.

What in your opinion is Brighton’s best kept secret?

That’s a tricky one! The most recent place that I think is awesome is Twin Pines coffee shop on St James’ Street. Their downstairs is like entering a whole other world and on a rainy day it makes everything feel better. They also do amazing Vegan cakes and cinnamon buns by the Planted girls!

How would you describe the ambience of PLATF9RM in three words?

Community. Support. Fun.

Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?

In Turkey they rub oil all over you and that’s meant to be cleansing. So with that in mind..not bath, because I need to work, so I would cover myself in oil and have a Turkish wash!

So you are one of PLATF9RM ’s younger members, around the age where a lot of your peers are familiar with the term ‘quarter life crisis’ - Do you associate with this phenomenon?

I’ve already had mine. So I now feel I’m owning it. 21 - 24 was a bit of a nightmare. There’s so much focus on finding a career, which puts you under so much pressure and can quickly make you feel depressed. It’s such a rush after uni and people feel like they’ve got to make a name for themselves. I’m looking forward to being 25 and just relaxing a little bit!

What would be your main skill in a zombie apocalypse?

I hold a lot of scientific knowledge. I feel I could help people with my understanding and facts related to the land and mother nature!

Some lush answers, thanks Zoe!

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