Member of The Week - Myles Lucas & Ziggy

Introducing Myles (and Ziggy!) two brand new members who have settled in pretty well...

Morning Myles and Ziggy! So you run a self titled Graphic Design company, could you explain to us the sort of style your work embodies?

I started Myles Lucas Studio about three years ago. It was a means to start picking and choosing people that I wanted to work with and I like to work in quite a bold, colourful way but still quite minimal way. I was trying to strip things back and make it quite playful. It’s a bit of a slow process having your own business, as you’re just trying to find the right people to be able to do that type of work for. It’s getting there.

A little birdy told me that you do design work for our very own David Hillier, how did that come about?

Mine and Davids dogs are exactly the same age, so we met when they were puppies whilst on a dog walk on the beach. Now they’ve ended up being best mates, so now we all just hang out! It’s also probably the first bit of work I’ve got through going for a dog walk, so it’s great.


You are one of our newer members at our Hove site, occasionally bringing in your furry friend - how are you and Ziggy settling in?

Good. I’m still not used to working from my laptop especially whilst working on a big project. But it’s been great for the times that i’m not as busy and it’s great to have a change of scenery! I wasn’t very disciplined whilst working from home and ended up just going on really long walks and waiting for stuff to happen, whereas now I have more structure and you meet some really interesting people.

You used to Study Graphic Design at U.W.E, did you recently move here from Bristol or have you been here a while?

I’ve been here for about three years, which is the second time round as I lived here for two years before. I went from uni in Bristol to London for a few different internships and then back to Brighton for a job!

How has having a pooch affected your social life living in Hove?

It’s made my social life. I didn’t know many people, so it’s actually been pretty good! I’ve actually been to a 70 year old lady’s birthday party from having a dog. I’ve now built up a bit of a dog network, made up of quite a random group.

You came to our PLATF9RM Let's Get Retro Gaming Social back in the end of April, how was it reminiscing the 90s playing old school Mario Kart?

So much fun! Although, I think I properly re-connected with ‘The House of Dead’. Which is pretty much just shooting zombies. This is what I had as a kid.

Have managed to take Ziggy on any of our Unknown Epic Walkshops through the downs yet?

I plan to go on the next, but not as of yet!

What was the last film you watched and does it describe you well as a person?

Detroit. About the riots in Detroit. But that definitely doesn’t represent my personality.

Thanks Myles!

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