Company of The Week - Gel Bottle

Introducing our very own nail queens from Gel Bottle Daisy and Ana. Since they moved into PLATF9RM we have heard many a loud laugh and pop tune emanating from their office. We caught up with this dynamic duo to discuss catch phrases, creativity and dreams of doing Richard Branson’s nails.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Gel Bottle? What would your catch phrase be as a company if you had one?

Daisy - We are a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of professional quality gel nail products and accessories. I started the business in the spare room of my home a few years ago and have never looked back. Our products are now used across the globe by the best nail techs in the industry, from Australia and New Zealand to USA, Canada and all around Europe.**

Our brand catchphrase is - 'Love at First Coat'.

I suppose our personal one would be ‘Work hard, play hard and laugh harder’. We are a very close team and love a good laugh. Sometimes when walking past everyone else’s offices and they’re being really quiet it feels like it’s only us being crazy. But I guess this just who we are.

Ana - We have also recently launched our UK Training Academy. We want to enable people across the country to kickstart a career in nails with interactive, high quality training like no other in the industry. Innovation is key and we like to stand out from the crowd.

We work non-stop, if we didn’t laugh as much as we do we would probably loose our minds.

Beauty therapy is often seen as a profession with high job satisfaction. What were your motivations for going into the world of nail design?

Daisy - My mum had a beauty salon when I was growing up, this is where my interest for the industry began. I love art, I used to paint a lot and wanted to become a professional painter. Unfortunately, being an artist is an extremely difficult and uncertain path to take. I didn’t feel like I could achieve my dreams with art on canvas so I decided to work with colour on nails instead. With nails you can be very creative and more productive in less time.

I used to own different beauty salons in Brighton, in reality it’s less glamorous than people think and a job like many others where you put on a smile no matter how you feel and you have to perform to high standards everyday.

Ana - I used to think a career in nails would definitely be more glamorous, but after being on the inside, I can definitely tell it's as hard and demanding as anything else.


Do you think you can tell things about people’s personalities from their nails?

Daisy - You definitely can.

Ana - I pay a lot of attention to people’s nails, to me it's a little detail I like to take note of.

Daisy - But don’t look at my nails, I had to take them off to shoot a video. I like to think it shows I’m a hard worker - No time to have nice nails myself!


What, for you, is something that will always be in fashion no matter how much time passes?

Daisy - We had a little think and denim comes to mind.

Ana - Daisy's in double denim today! Perfect example.

Daisy - Natural hair is always in fashion, as well as red nails.

What was your setup like before coming to PLATF9RM? And what are the main changes you’ve noticed from having this new environment?

Daisy - We have a warehouse in Shoreham and that’s where we were before moving to our second, more central location, here at PLATF9RM. There is definitely a nice feel here, we are always happy coming to work and never mind staying after-hours.

Ana - There is an amazing team and community feel here. I personally really enjoy coming and leaving work at all hours of the day. It never seems to feel like a chore anymore. Plus I absolutely adore the interior, it’s exactly my cup of tea.

If you could do anyone in the world’s nails whose would you do and what do you think they would want?

Daisy - So this is a funny one. I would love to Richard Branson’s “MANicure”. I really admire him as an entrepreneur and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to chat and hear lots of amazing stories... and I wouldn’t mind spending some time on his private island.

Ana - Mine is simply: Beyonce; she’s amazing, absolute queen. She’s a phenomenal woman and I have so much respect for her. I think she would probably want almond shaped nails, painted in dark colour with some gold or glitter.

What is your favourite smell? And the smell that most reminds you of a particular memory?

Ana - For me it’s definitely fire, a wood-burner or fireplace. It always reminds me of Christmas time, usually spent with my husband, his family and our pup, drinking mulled wine and playing board games.

Daisy - For me it’s the smell of the sea. I love to be near the water. It always reminds me of childhood memories, growing up in Latvia.

What has been your most significant moment in the last five years?

Ana - In my personal life it was definitely marrying my best friend. In my professional life selling my business and starting to work with Daisy has definitely been a life changer. 

Daisy - Meeting my PA at the time and now the company’s COO and my best friend. Ana and I are basically wives.

At PLATF9RM you may have noticed we have quite a few regular canine chums. Do you like dogs and if not why not?

Ana - I adore dogs.. more than people usually! I have my own pooch, a 3 year old French Bulldog called Betty. She comes to work with me most days and everyone here at PLATF9RM seems to enjoy having her around and saying hello.

Daisy - I like dogs too. One of the main reasons we chose PLATF9RM is that you can have dogs.. and kids, as I have 3. We probably wouldn’t have picked this place it if it wasn’t dog and kid friendly.

Ana - We really love being here!

Thank you ladies!

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