Member of The Week - Neal Lewis

Introducing Neal Lewis, creator of The Drop Digital, a very smiley addition to PLATF9RM, and a man that knows digital consultancy inside out.

Neal, you and your slowly growing band at The Drop Digital are this week’s hot topic. Can you explain to us what your company does and what your roles all consist of?

Sure, we’re a digital marketing agency specialising in digital strategy, consultancy, content and community management. It’s made up of our Head of Content and Activation Alice, our Designer Abbie, and me. I’m a digital consultant for a number of music festivals, I manage the strategy creation and delivery, and I seem to spend a lot of time in spreadsheets trying to make sense of data.

Can you tell us where you got the inspiration to start up The Drop Digital?

My career in digital began in 2012 and I was surprised how often I was (and still am) asked to create and share content without a clear strategy, or any focus on what the end consumer wants - just the required results.

I wanted to be more strategic, put the customer first, and work with brands with a shared passion and ambition for doing just that, so I started The Drop Digital. I’m a firm believer that if you focus on creating meaningful connections with your audience and build social communities first, then the results will follow.


I know you have a background in Graphic Design from college, do you use any of those skills in this business?

Haha, that was a long time ago! I’ve always loved great design though and believe in the power of eye catching design as a spark in most decision-making processes. We make sure our output comes from a place of creativity, whether in design, copy, or just the way we approach a campaign.

Running a company that is highly strategic in its operations, do you run quite a tight schedule at home, or are you a lot less organised out of work?

I wish I was at times, but no – I’m a tidy freak who sorts my clothes by colours and patterns, and I like it when the tinned tomatoes face forward. I’m more relaxed than I used to be when I worked from home that’s for sure – distractions everywhere!

What is it primarily about PLATF9RM that appealed to you, as a place you wanted to grow your business from within?

Being surrounded by so many like-minded people on the same journey. It feels like we’re part of a bigger team, and everyone I’ve met so far is so passionate about what they do. It’s pretty inspiring.

What are the chances of you and the team making it across to our Hove site for this month’s exciting Easter social, our first Hove Town Hall social?

We’re there! I’ve really enjoyed the last two and we’re all egg-cited about this one.

If you could eat only one tasty dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is the hardest question so far! I love food and choosing one dish would be hard but as I write this I’m eating an Orange & Date flapjack from Bond Street coffee, which is possibly the tastiest sugary treat I’ve ever had, so it’s coming with me.

Have you ever run a Marathon, or is it something that would ever appeal to you?

I haven’t, and until recently I was a definite no, but the psychological reward (more than the leg pummelling) is appealing. I like challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone, and it definitely doesn’t sound comfortable!

What’s the cheesiest dad joke you know?

I went to that new restaurant on the moon last night... Great food, but no atmosphere.

A dad joke as good as any to end this week's interview, it get's my seal of approval. Thank you Neal!