A Guide To Brighton’s Smoochiest Spots For Valentine’s Day

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or dread its annual barrage of enforced romanticism, it’s a perfect opportunity to get out somewhere with your dearest one. That could mean a sunrise beach walk or candlelit dinner, and Brighton has an array of smoochy spots for lovebirds young and old. Here’s some of our faves.


Chard at Cafe Rust

Cafe Rust is now established as one of the jewels of London Road, and it’s been helped no-end by Chard’s residency. Originally a pop-up, they’re now open every weekday evening serving their unfussy contemporary cuisine in candlelit surroundings. Their menu changes monthly and February’s is enough to stir the most granite-like of hearts; highlights include buttermilk cod, spiced spelt and toasted aioli, or flank beef with Brighton Blue butter and stuffed shallots.


The Bandstand

You don’t need to spend big to make a lasting impression. The bandstand is an icon of the seafront despite dating back to 1884 and the perfect spot, weather permitting, to have a glass of Shloer while the sun goes down.


The Urchin

The Urchin has been open for nearly three years and garnered a rich reputation for its (virtually) seafood-only menu. It manages to imbue a casual setting with a romantic ambience, and, from its oysters, to Peruvian and Singapore-style crab, the onus is very much on messy food the demands to be shared. Crab forks at the ready and be prepared to get very buttery. Hop fans will be able to wash it all down with the exhaustive menu of craft beer.


Out the back of Marwoods

Need a coffee to pick you up the morning after? The little room out back of Marwoods – it’s outdoors and has a fire but you’ll need jackets – is a perfect little spot for some hipstery romance. The staff are famously friendly and you could always make the coffees Irish if you need a little more juice in the tank. (And don’t have to be anywhere.)


Devil’s Dyke

If you can out of work early, a sundown walk on Devil’s Dyke will fulfill the necessary ‘just you and me in the big bad world’ quota. It gets pretty windy up there but don’t let that drive you into the disappointingly rubbish pub. Save yourself the time and get back to…


Plotting Parlour

An oasis of soft lighting and softer furnishings, The Plotting Parlour is the perfect spot for smoochy lovers to get warm with a few cocktails. The drinks are made by expert mixologists and it’ has a ‘table only’ policy. This means it’s all table-based, therefore whether you’re heading for pre-dinner drinks or a nightcap, you need to book in advance. Don’t sleep.


Lovebox x Planted @ Pop-Up Brighton

Find love under the arches. If plant-based food and romantic films are enough to get your love buds tingling, check out this collaboration at Pop-Up Brighton. Planted have been running pop-ups around the city and are renowned for wowing with their amazing and cruelty-free menus. It’s a two-course affair and after the wining and the dining has finished, you’ll be entertained with a series of short films designed to get you in the mood for some amour.


Ten Green Bottles

Wine. Cheese. Charcuterie. Seems so simple when you write it down.