Member of The Week - Emma Pryke

Emma Pryke is this week's Member of the week; Digital Marketing Consultant, one half of The Social Club and self-professed feline fanatic... Hello Emma!

So you’ve been working at PLATF9RM at Hove Town Hall for a few months now. What was your working situation before? Did you work from home?

So before PLATF9RM I was at an office owned by the guys that run THE WARREN at the Other Place loft. When I first went freelance about two years ago I tried to work at home for two days and got severely depressed about it and knew I had to go and find people. So I did a good old Gumtree search and found those guys which was really good.

I enjoyed that space but then I needed to find somewhere with some more people and a few more networking opportunities so I found PLATF9RM . At home I felt like I didn’t have a beginning, middle and end of my day. I would just get up and go into my lounge which was where I was working and it just wasn’t me. I always thought I’d want to work from home but when it actually came to doing it it didn’t suit me. **

How did you get into digital marketing? Were you always a fan of working with technology?

No, it was a complete fluke really. I was always in hospitality, my degree was in business management with international hospitality management. I thought I was going to run a hotel or a restaurant. But I decided the hours weren’t good.

So when I was 23 or 24 I applied for a job as a trainee digital marketer at a travel company. So that really shaped the rest of my career I think. I learnt the ropes on the job and ended up being there for 5 years and then decided to go freelance.**

But technology isn’t really my forte. I’m much more of a writer so that’s what I try and do - copy-writing and the people side of things.

I then met Emma who works in online PR with food because I do a lot of online marketing for restaurants. She had already started The Social Club so I joined in with that and now we’re putting our skills together I’d say neither of us are massively tech-y, we’re more people people so when we need to, we bring in people we know. For example we’ve worked with PLATF9RM members Andy Veal and Andy Broughton. PLATF9RM ’s a really nice place to be able to choose who you work with.


Were you one of the cool kids at school?

No I definitely wasn’t one of the cool kids; I wasn’t out the back smoking down the woods or whatever but I hung out with people who I thought were really cool.

So I suppose I was a cool kid within my group. We were the musical theatrical kids who did all the school plays. So I wasn’t a cool kid but I hung out with cool kids.

Who or what is the most important thing in your life?

I mean this is really cheesy but it’s my network of friends and family. They are the people that glue me together really. I am the one in the middle doing all the organising. So I am the…

Grace - mayonnaise?

Emma - The mayonnaise! That’s what I revel in; bringing everybody together. My birthday is always when people reunite. My sister’s just had a baby so it’s really lovely to get everyone together.

Where would you spend all your time if you could?

Somewhere warm. With loads of kittens. Basically a cattery in Spain. I’m a bit of a mad cat lady.

Or somewhere with dogs or anything really. I'm always the one on the floor petting all the platf9rm dogs.

Definitely somewhere warm. Maybe southern California. That would be the dream to work in a vineyard and run a cattery.**

I thought about bringing my cat into the office but she’s a complete diva. She’s a bit of a madame, she knows she’s gorgeous and uses it.

What is something you will NEVER do ever again?

Ok so this is easy. Climb a volcano. I did it in Bali and it’s one of my friend’s favorite stories because I cried all the way up and fell the whole way down. It was ridiculous.

My boyfriend persuaded me to do it and instead of the easy volcano he chose the hard volcano. We only had trainers on, we didn’t even have hiking boots or a head torch or anything.

We started at midnight and went up the volcano. Basically we didn’t even reach the top because I was dragging myself up, it was awful.

You’re walking in the dark and the rain and the volcano is crumbling beneath your feet. It was quite a stressful experience!

I fell down the whole way - it was essentially 8 hours of me falling down a cliff. I was a shell of myself afterwards but it was pretty hilarious. I think I became a bit hysterical half way down. I felt sorry for the guide - he was like ‘who are these people?’ whilst he ran up in flip-flops.

Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all of the pictures you have ever taken?

That’s easy I don’t really have any money or valuables so I’ll lose them. Although it would be hard to lose your pictures now they’re in the cloud. Touch wood.

Maybe I would feel differently if I was a millionaire and had loads of money and valuables.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

This is horrible question... In a cattery in Spain!

I really don’t know. I’ve just been to the Cotswolds and I absolutely fell in love with it.

My dream in 10 years is to be in a place where I can be completely in charge of what I want to do for work. And have a family. But live more of an outside countryside life. I don’t think I’ll be in Brighton in ten years. I want to have chickens and hundreds of cats.  

Also I’m kind of bored of how high living costs are in Brighton. Although I do love it, I’ve been here for 10 years.

What is your favourite aspect of working at PLATF9RM?

I’d say the range of people that work here and the great atmosphere. Whenever you walk in there’s always someone that greets you and it’s really friendly and you can have a chat with anyone.  

There are lots of nice little nooks you can hide in if you need a quiet day or if you want to be more sociable you can be. Also the opportunities for networking and working in general are amazing. 5 years ago as a free-lancer you would have not had the opportunities that come from working here. It has definitely opened a lot of doors for me and helped grow The Social Club.  

Thankyou for the insights Emma!

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