9 Things You Definitely Need To Do In Brighton This Month

Depending on your thoughts regarding crowds in Brighton, August is either the city’s most exciting time or the month where you visit your in-laws in Madagascar. 

If you’re sticking around, here’s our pick of August’s options.

1. Pride. Pride. Pride. PRIDE.  4 - 6 August

We mean, yeah, 300,000 people descending into out city for a weekend of noise and revelry is, for all intents and purposes, a massive clanging ballache. But Pride weekend is a Brighton institution and whether you’re joining the oscillating throng on St James Street or mooching round the side street sound systems, there’s a story on every corner.


2. Cheese Fest UK - 12 August

The organisers of the first Cheese Fest, going down in Victoria Gardens, told The Argus that it’s the “most important day of cheese that Brighton has ever seen” and we’re not sure if a more evocative sentence has ever been uttered about this city.

3. Party In Your Pants: The Sunrise Session - The Volks - 18 August

Party In Your Pants are a feminist collective who have developed a reputation for twanging raves where semi-nudity is encouraged (read: essential) and attendees are expected to slathered in luminescent paint. They’re normally found at The Joker but for their summer party they’re turning up the heat and heading to The Volks for an uber sesh, before moving out to the beach when it closes at 5am.

4. Brunswick Festival - 19 - 20 August

This year is Brunswick festival’s 36th event and it will be the phantasmagoria of beery folk singers, boot sale tat and wafty hippies it always was. May that never change.

5. Big Sussex Market - 26 - 28 August

Fancy an hour nervously perusing inordinately expensive meats and wines before setting, inevitably, for a small tub of olives?? Big Sussex Market has got you covered. It’s free though, so you can look without guilt and spend as long as you want hovering by the stall giving out the chorizo tasters.

6. Holy Fuck (Live in the round) @ Patterns -23 August

Holy Fuck are one of the more heady-twisty bands around, splurging a combination of electro-rock, industrial and noise rock. They’re gnarly veterans of the live scene and are playing a special ‘in the round’ show at Patterns; get close to the action and feel your brain melt.

7. Brighton Thai Festival - 26 August

Your one-stop shop for all things Thai.  Expect (lots of) Thai food and demos. Thai massage Muay Thai boxing and, of course, a ladyboy show. Preston Park > Bangkok.

8. Bite Size Museum Talks- Brighton Museum & Art Gallery - Throughout August

If you have kids, you’ll know the struggle of keeping them off screens and ideally out of the house for as long as possible. Lucky for you, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is offering free pop-up guided tours, talks and in-depth examinations of collections. Good for keeping the moody brood out of your hair for two sweet, precious hours.

9. Free The Nipple - Brighton Seafront - 19 August

Free The Nipple is a global equality movement that seeks to address one of the major gender imbalances that exists between men and women: namely, that it’s acceptable for a man to expose his nipples in public but for a woman it can put them at risk of ridicule, arrest or even violence.

This collective will be taking to the seafront for a day of love, marches and fancy dress. Expect plenty of boobs; exposure of your own is optional.