PLATF9RM @ The Street Diner

As a PLATF9RM member you’ll probably be familiar with Street Diner. Every Friday lunchtime it takes over our neighbouring Brighthelm Gardens with the best local street food stalls, giving us all an excuse to take an unusually long lunch.

We absolutely love the fact that they’re part of the rhythm of life at PLATF9RM, and they’ve made 1PM Friday something we look forward to each week (and not just because it means we’re five hours away from the weekend). Here’s a guide to nine our fave stalls. Eating our way around these was pure torture, honestly. The things we do for content.



Biff’s Jack Shack is a relative newcomer on the street food scene but are already one of the most established names at Street Diner. Serving a vegan take on fried chicken, it makes a mockery of the archaic notion that vegan food can be anything other than sloppy and delicious.
Their chicken is made from jackfruit (which, FYI, counts as one of your five-a- day) and it’s either served as a burger with all the trimmings, or as a ‘wing’ using a sugarcane bone. If you’re vegan and carrying a hangover from Thursday, all your dreams come true at Biff’s.



If Biff’s Jack Shack is the hot young buck, then Crocus is a grand old lady of the street food scene. An ever-present at festivals across the country, they serve banging paella as good as anything you’d find in España



A true Sussex success story, Soul Street Kitchen started off with a stall at Horsham market. From there, it took over the kitchen at the Malt Shovel pub and is now serving up smokey, jerky wonder at events and festivals across Sussex and Surrey. Leave some time to queue as it’s always a roadblock.



There are three inarguably sage proverbs on this thing we call Earth: “A fool and his money are soon parted”; “Two wrongs don’t make a right”: “Thou cannot callest thou-self a comprehensive street diner market without a top-notch burrito stall”. Dead Good Burrito are a Brighton-based burrito company who slow cook their meats for 12 hours, and are the sole cause of a thousand sleepy Friday afternoons.



Founded by Olly Dawson, the queue for Olly’s Fish Shack are consistently the longest at Street Diner with people coming back week-after- week for his light tempura-battered fish subs. Olly is also an activist for sustainable fishing, once memorably describing his food as ‘off the hook’, so you can eat with your conscience sated.



This local purveyor of all things bovine that calls itself a ‘A Mouth-watering, Tummy grumbling, Eye-popping, Drool inducing, Finger-licking, Diet destroying, FOODGASM!!!’ This evocative, modest, tagline is an accurate description of its nigh-life- changing steak sandwiches. They get a regular clientele each week returning for their ethically-sourced steak sarnies that are the definition of Meatageddon.



Vegan Earthlings serve up thoughtful vegan food that is cruelty-free. They’re famed locally for their tofu popcorn, which is the perfect tide-you- over choice if you aren’t quite hungry enough for their minced seitan burgers.



DoughBo have a residency at nearby Hobgoblin, and started after a disappointing Domino’s order saw the two owners bemoan the poor standard of dough balls on offer. Now they’re known for their perfectly fluffy balls of dough packed with homemade fillings like slow cooked pulled pork or blue cheese, pear, walnut and mozzarella. Good value; six for £8. So many wins in such a tiny ball of bread.



If sweet things are more your jam (pun stumbled upon) then Honeycomb is all you need. A single-woman operation run out of a kitchen in Worthing it’s a veritable cornucopia of sponge, macarons and frosting. Get some macarons in the office and you can literally expect a raise the next day. They’re that good.


So there we have it! The best local lunches to scoff on a Friday completely guilt free...Cos y'know - you're giving back to the community!
Be sure to let us know your favourites and if you're so inclined, share a photo of your lunch with  #platf9rmlunchclub