Summer Time and The Weather Is Fine?!

Welcome to the July PLATF9RM news. What a month it’s been! Members are now settled into Floor 5 and it’s a pleasure getting to know every single one of you. If you haven’t met the team properly yet, please say hello and tell us what makes you tick.

We’re offering a free co-working day on Thursday 27 July (Social day!), where you’ll be able to move between both floors and test the array of different spaces we now offer. We’d love for you to try us out, so please register your interest.

If you book a tour of PLATF9RM, you can also use the space for the day once your tour has finished.

unnamed (1).png

If you’ve ever looked enviously at a street food van owner or coffee shop entrepreneur, then this session will be for you. We’re hosting three totems of the local culinary scene - Doug McMaster from Silo, Jess Titcumb from Twisted Halo & Krisi Smith & Mike Turner fromBluebird Tea Co - and they’ll be guiding you through the peaks and troughs of running your own food and drinks business.

This event is open to members of the public so please RSVP below.

PLATF9RM might be filling up but we still have some private offices for hire.

Floor 5

2 x 2 person office
1 x 3 person office
1 x 4 person office

More information can be found here.

Floor 6

2 x 2 person office
1 x 6 person office

More information can be found here.


Our event space (with our 86" interactive screen and Sonos soundsystem) has already proved a smash hit, with rentals from Uber Eats, the Brighton Chamber of Commerce and the Virgin StartUp event to come. It can cater for talks, workshops and social events, so whether you’re looking for a business event or a meet-up for your local dog lovers Facebook group, get in touch.

Get info on the event space here.


Our latest Cereal* Filler event took place on Monday 10 July, and it was another mini-slice of breakfast education. Ana, Anthony and Calliope had three minutes each, respectively, to discuss user experience, diversity in professional events and trail running. They found a captive audience unafraid to pose difficult questions, especially when conversation turned to the oh-so-murky side of technology in 2017.

The next Cereal* Filler for members is on Monday 14 August and make sure you have a gander at the photos from our last one on Facebook.



Our event space was transformed into a hive of bee-related activity as local beekeeper Stuart Graham led us through the mind-boggling world of the honey bee. Stuart’s description of the ‘waggle dance’  — wherein bees indicate the direction of the nearest food source by essentially booty-shaking in its general direction — inspired huge respect for our honey-producing pals. There was plenty of interaction for all and vast jars of delicious Hove Honey to try, the reaction to which was far more positive than for the locally-brewed mead that Stuart gamely brought. (It was popular in the Dark Ages for a reason, guys.)

It was also our first live 3D video on Facebook, and we are reliably informed we had viewers in rapt attention across the city. Next stop: the world! (Or at least Lewes.)


Last month’s Social was another huge success, with Gary Parselle of The Printing Press showing us the art of screen printing. In between enjoying some Brighton Bier, Brighton Gin and SeaCider, everyone had a go at creating prints of cheese plants and our very own red 9.  Check out some of the best in the library on Floor 6.


This month sees us heading to the beach! On Thursday 27 July meet on Floor 6 at 5.30PMbefore heading down en-masse. Once there, we'll have the normal array of nibbles and plenty of beer and cider chilling in ice buckets. Bring your favourite beach games and — if you’re partial to a dip  — don your swimming costumes. We’re currently opening a sweepstake for the first person to go in after a few wines (it’ll be Olga, definitely Olga).

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We’ve tried to create a fun, buzzy space for you all to collaborate and thrive in, but we know that some people prefer a low-key setting to get those creative synapses firing. Floor 5 has a dedicated quiet space with no music, no phones and no distractions, except for some awesome sea views.


We still have more co-working memberships available to suit a variety of needs.