Member Of The Week - Logan Black

We're talking to another PLATF9RM member and this week, it's Logan Black of MPB

Logan, what do you do?

I am Head of Recruitment for both the UK and US offices for MPB. We are the second biggest online market place for second hand photography equipment.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

The company went through a period of rapid growth and we outgrew out old offices so PLATF9RM was a perfect solution while we wait for a new office so we can all be together rather than in two halves.

White or brown toast and what do you put on it?

White bread with butter and Marmite.

Best beach you've been to?

A place called Bangor Beach in Tasmania, Australia. I actually lived in Australia until I was 13 and then I moved to the UK.

What sport would be most improved if alcohol was added to it?

MMA fighting. Although it would be a lot of swinging and missing.

What's something everyone looks stupid doing?

Hopping on one leg? Or maybe that should be the drunk sport!

What animal would be coolest to be the size of a horse?

I immediately though of all the terrifying ones like a tick or a spider. A koala would be pretty good! But they all have chlamydia. Actual fact.

In one sentence, how would you describe the internet?

Potential to be really dark.

What's the best inside joke you've been part of?

Thirsty pussy... I should clarify it was actually about a cat.

Bit of an odd one to finish on! Join us next week for another member.