Member Of The Week - Jez Kay

PLATF9RM Member Of The Week is one of our original members, Jez Kay.

Jez, what is it that you do?

I help businesses become the best that they can be online.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

Hela, my wife, met Seb, the founder and he told her that he was opening up PLATF9RM in Tower Point and that there was a free trial in December. We were fairly certain that it was a goodun before we even came in. Then we came here, and I thought it was a FAB, so I joined pretty much on the spot!

What would you name your boat if you have one?



In your opinion what will finally break the internet?

The Smiths reforming. That will break the internet.


What fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?



What’s a compliment that’s disguised as an insult?

You look really good in that or I really like your shoes.


What is the nearest thing to magic you’ve experienced?

It's going to sound egocentric, but I used to sing a particular song to people. I remember feeling quite uplifted by singing this song to an audience, it was quite a physical thing, almost like a resonance, a tuning fork, that kind of feeling.


Your most useless talent?

I can do this *Jez proceeds to touch his whole nose with his whole tongue*


Worst smelling place you’ve been?

I was thinking this today...and that smell there isn’t very nice, but I remember when I was young and you're on a farmyard, and the smell is either really nice or horrible. Cow shit fine, pig shit is really disgusting.