Company Of The Week - Airfinity

This week we chat to another company new to PLATF9RM offices - Airfinity. To make things even a bit more confusing, there's two James' and one Richard. They will be J1 and J2 respectively.

Where's the best local outside spot for a sunny day?

J1 - Patterns do a great boozy brunch - Presecco all day! 
R - Block on St James Street is pretty good too.

What TV shows are you currently binge watching?

R - I've just finished American Gods. Handmaid's Tale also very good. 
J2 - I've just started Games Of Thrones. I was reading the books when it started so have just started the TV serios. Legion as well! The other James agrees.

Is it important to keep up with the news?

J1 - I'm happier when I don't. 
J2 - It can get very same old.... And I get push notifications for the most random stuff.
R - Yeah, what is actually qualifies as news, you've got to choose sources wisely.

What are your strongest qualities?

J2 - Well we just manage to tolerate each other in the office.
R - Yeah, there's enough space to take a swing...
J1 - I'd say we've all got a similar sense of humour, quite social, adventurous. Being in a start up can be a quiet a challenge so you've all got to be in a similar mind set.

What age do you feel?

J2 - Today, I'm really feeling my age or older! My daughter was up all night and kept waking me up.
R -  Yeah, you can definitely feel older if you've been up all night.

Last thing you really laughed hard at?

The conversation gets onto a previous member of the week who had an in joke with 'thirsty pussy' which gets a pretty good laugh. Said in joke can be found here.
J2 - I can however also really recommend Jo Coy's stand up on Netflix. Very very funny. 

What's something that you can't find at the moment? Where should it be?

J2 - Sleep! Between the hours of 12 and 6 AM.
R - I recently lost a tub of butter. It ended up in the freezer, no idea how.

What was the best game to play when you were a kid?

J1 - A game called Druids on audio cassette tape - who remembers those?! 
R - Banjo Kazooie on the N64

What's cuter - babies or puppies?

2 votes for puppies and 1 for baby. All agree their both a lot of work though.

Next week there will be another member or company in the spotlight. Join us then.