Company Of The Week - Merci Visual

This week, we talk to new PLATF9RM members, Merci Visual, who have joined us on the new Floor 5. We ask Pete, Harry and Mitch a total of 9 questions.

What's your biggest fail in the kitchen?

P - I've never failed in the kitchen... No, my my biggest fail is probably not being adventurous enough.

Whats the most useless fact you know?

M - Jackie chan is like 65 or 66  now. Getting old, you know...

(Yep, that's pretty useless..)

What's the strangest gift you've ever received?

P - I've had the same jumper twice on consecutive Christmas's. Ever so slight difference in colour but still a blue jumper.

What's the dumbest way you've hurt yourself?

M - I chipped front tooth skating...

What's something you've done that you would never recommend to anyone else?

H - I necked a pint glass of vodka and coke and passed out about 10 mins later. I then woke up and headbutted a wall.

What terrible film do you love?

M - Jackie Chan - Rumble in The Bronx

Which food would be best to make a house out of 

H - Pasta bake. That stuff's pretty structural.

Is cereal soup?

A definitive no from all three.

Next week, another member will join us in the spotlight so keep an eye out!