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Hello and welcome to PLATF9RM June news , where we will reflect on past events and fill you in on all the latest developments & what's to come.

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We're so excited to announce that Floor 5 is finally finished. As of Monday this week, members have been able to move between the two floors; if you haven’t had a look yet, please pop down! You’ll find a dedicated event space, a moss wall, more lounge space, more breakaway space, more meetings rooms, more phone booths, more EVERYTHING. It’s truly a phantasmagoria of co-working joy (and yes: we know we’d say that, but it’s true)

We also have a brand new event space & board room for 16 people with a 86" interactive screen!

The following private offices are still available. Please contact Emilie & Leanne for more info: 

4 x 2 person
1 x 3 person
2 x 6 person
& we will also have some larger 13+ person offices coming up.

Don't miss out on your chance to trial out the aforementioned PLATF9RM Floor 5. With plenty of diverse and different space, we're opening the doors to co-workers to try PLATF9RM out for the day.

Please fill out the below form to let us know you'll be coming in.

The day before election day, we were honoured to have the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas come and deliver a talk in PLATF9RM. Open to members and non-members alike, it was broadcast on the BBC and she discussed local issues and the importance of helping small businesses and start-ups. She didn’t shirk taking questions from the floor and we were so pleased she retained her Brighton Pavilion seat because we think she’s mega. She can come back anytime.


For June’s Cereal* Filler event (Monday 12 June) we had Ben, Syra and George all speak for three minutes each. We had no idea that their subjects would be interrelated but it was all a matter of the mind, from how people learn right through to machine learning and intelligence.  

There are plenty of photos on Facebook and please come along on Monday 10 July for more cereals, fruit and gentle mind - expansion.


As ever, last month’s Social was a riot. The theme was ‘burrowing outward’ so we took everyone on a voyage to The Warren after starting at PLATF9RM with the usual rounds of Brighton Bier, Brighton Gin and nibbles. We also introduced Ditchling’s own SeaCider into the mix and, you might have all just been thirsty from the heat, but it didn’t last long.

We got some ace pictures from The Warren with the three ‘9’ balloons and you guys looking freshly tanned.

Check out the pics on our Facebook page.

We're always excited about the Social, but this month we’re super-psyched as it’ll take place on our spanking new Floor 5!

Gary Parselle from The Private Press screen printing company will be there, and he’ll be doing screen prints of PLATF9RM's most iconic elements: we can’t wait to see what he does with our classic red 9…

There’ll be the usual rounds of nibbles and we'll have some fresh drink choices available to compliment the warm weather. What more do you want from a Thursday?

PLATF9RM Members Only - please RSVP below

Our cultural programme continues with The Importance Of Beeing for PLATF9RM Members. Join local beekeeper, Stuart Graham on Tuesday 6 July, to find out more about the weird and alien world of the honey bee. There will be lots of beekeeping kit to get your hands on in this interactive session, and it will be fun and informative regardless of whether you like honey on your toast. Book your ticket here. Bee there or bee square.