9 Reasons Everything’s Going To Be Okay, Guys

What a difference a snap-election makes. This time last week a tangible sense of foreboding gripped the country; not only were we facing the seemingly inevitable crowning of a divisive Prime Minister, but we were still reeling from two terrorist attacks that had us all wondering what the future will be.  Fast forward five days and everything feels a little more hopeful, and the next year seem alive with possibilities (or at least: the possibility of possibilities)   With this sentiment in mind, here’s 9 wide-ranging reasons why everything’s going to be okay.

1. Brighton voted with its feet and its heart.

Brighton once again revealed itself to be one of the country’s havens of liberalism. Caroline Lucas retained Brighton Pavilion for the Green Party whilst Peter Kyle and Lloyd Russell-Moyle did the business for Labour in Hove and Portslade and Brighton Kemptown, respectively.
Sad times for Tories but the future looks positive in Brighton endz.

Image source:  BBC

Image source: BBC

2. Brighton are in the Premier League!

Honestly, about time though.


When the sun’s out in Brighton, all those dreary February mornings staring out to a grey, torpid sea make sense.  Bring on summer, we’re ready.

Copy of IMG_7140.JPG

4. Floor 5 is opening (very) soon

Members will be able to use it from this Monday (19th) and, yes, we’re very excited about this.  The extra floor means more space, more members and more creative eruptions just waiting to happen. We genuinely cannot wait to see what’s going to happen

5. Young people care again.

Depending on where you read, the country’s youth either fired the engines of Labour’s (semi) revival or their influence has been hugely over-elaborated.  Either way, you can’t argue with the fact that turnout amongst 18 - 24 year olds was around two thirds, up hugely from 2015. Even the staunchest Conservative will surely admit that a politically engaged youth bodes well for the future of this country.

Image source: Country Living

Image source: Country Living

6. British produce is amazing right now.

Of course we love the onions and leeks of winter, but summer is when British food moves up a level or four. Strawberries, cherries, asparagus (just), french beans, blackberries, tomatoes, rocket…we could go on…but it will only make us hungry.

Image source:  The Argus

Image source: The Argus

7. There’s going to be a new restaurant from Michael Bremner

If you’ve eaten at the transcendentally good 64 Degrees, you’ll know it inhabits a space of its own within Brighton’s culinary eco-system.  Head chef Michael Bremner has just announced a new restaurant, Murmur, to open under the new arches opposite West Pier. Bremner has been in the public eye of late after reaching the finals of the Great British Menu and he’s said that the new restaurant will be  “very chilled and relaxed” and family-friendly. We’re sold.

8. Donald Trump is cannibalizing himself

This probably isn’t the place to opine about another country’s political leaders…but with every day that passes Donald Trump seems to be burrowing himself further into a self-made hole. Snigger.

9. We’ve got bouncebackability

More than anything, the upswing in mood shows the human ability to bounce back when the chips aren't so much down, as hidden in a teeny-weeny box at the bottom of the ocean. Go us!