Member Of The Week - Pedro Martins

This week, we talk to another PLATF9RM member and ask another 9 questions. Our member of choice is Pedro Martins from redk CRM Solutions.

Pedro, what do you do at redK CRM Solutions?

redK is a Spanish company that specialises in CRM implementation. I work as a software developer for them in their UK office based here in Brighton. 

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

The company were looking to set up in the UK and Brighton was a great base. We love the co-working space and it's the best environment out there.

If you could ask your future self one thing, what would you ask?

Is it cheating to ask what the lottery numbers are?

What's your go-to out fit for fancy dress?

Bermuda formal. I've got to go to a wedding soon there and this is definitely what I'm going to wear.

Who was the last person to ring you?

My girlfriend. It's usually my mum so that's a nice change.

Have you lived in another country?

Well I was born in Portugal, lived in Madrid and now I'm here in Brighton.

What was something you hated as a kid?

Sleeping! We only had one TV channel when I was younger that wouldn't come on until 8am so I'd get up around 6am and just have to sit around, bored for a while.

What was the last thing you watched?

Twin Peaks - it's one of my all time favourite shows from the 90's and they're reviving it so I'm revisiting it before they relaunch it. 

What would you be if you were an animal?

An eagle. It's a very confident bird but it's also the symbol for my football team - Benefica. No slight to Brighton Seagulls though.

*a rather lengthy conversation about mutual hatred of seagulls follows...*

That's another week and another member. Join us next week!