Burrow Outwards

Welcome to our May news, we will be filling you in on the latest developments within PLATF9RM.

We always think May is one of the best months in Brighton- the city is on fire with festivals galore, but the tourists haven’t yet (fully) invaded. So get out there and see something new, and don’t forget to tell us all about it!

A misty May morning saw our first ever Cereal Filler morning, wherein three members speak for three minutes on a subject of their choice over cereals, fruit and yummy mocktails. Jez, Darius and Daisy spoke, respectively, about bread baking and business, mindfulness and the future of gaming. It was a mini education for everyone, and we can’t wait until the next one on 12th June.

You can see all the pictures from May’s event on our Facebook page.

If you are thinking of joining our community, we might have just the thing for you as we're currently running a special Co-Working Membership Offer. Sign up a friend for three months, and we’ll give you one month of membership free (up to £100 value). Easy, innit.

Head on over to our signup page.

Brighton’s sea isn’t hugely known for its warm nature of its embrace, but this didn’t stop us going for a dip on the morning before the last Social. We’re not going to lie and say it wasn’t cold (sweet Jesus, it truly was) but if you’re looking to jumpstart your day, there’s nothing better.

We’ll be doing it again this Thursday, and would love for you to join us. Speak to Olga or Leanne about where we’re going to be. Speaking of the Social…

Last month’s Social was another resounding success. We had our resident illustrator and creative wizardess Amy Brown in to make hats, which got donned with aplomb in our photo booth ( check out these pictures). Once again, Brighton Bier and Brighton Gin supplied the alcohol and we nibbled our way through an extraordinary amount of cheese before moving onto The Pond.

We’ve given this Thursday’s Social (27/5) the theme of ‘burrowing outward’. So we’ll start with the usual drinks and chatter in PLATF9RM before making our way to The Warren to enjoy a roof top terrace.. Every Social has been brilliant so far and the perfect opportunity to put names to those faces you see in the kitchen every day, so please do come along.

Hopefully you’ll have perused the brilliant range of independent mags we have from MAGAZINE Brighton, on Trafalgar Street. We’ve just taken in some new stock including the latest copies of Boneshaker, Graphite, Ambrosia and Conversation in Design, so please grab a copy on your next lunch / procrastination break.

We’re way too excited to say that the work on Floor 5 has started in earnest and it’s slowly starting to resemble the amazing co-networking space it will one day be. The private offices have been going like the proverbial warm Battenbergs but we’ve still got the a few spaces left. This is in addition to our solo co-working memberships, with three different options and 24/7 co-working available. It will also have a dedicated event space for 60 people, which can be used for whole day or evening bookings.

You can book in a tour to see the new space by emailing Emilie & Leanne.

Watch this space and make it yours.