Member Of The Week - Merina Martin

Welcome back to another weekly feature on our members. This week we are talking with Merina Martin from Vida Care

So, Merina, what is that you do?

We deliver care to people's homes as well as developing technology to help deliver a professional service. We also like to reach out to larger organisations like local councils and the NHS.


What brought you to PLATF9RM?

Because it's so swanky and edgy and cool. It's genuinely just a great place to work.


What's the creepiest bit of technology out there at the moment?

Smart TV's like the Android ones that track your movements! How creepy is that!


What was one thing you believed in when you were younger?



What was the most historic thing to have happened during your life time?

The Millennium. I remember reading about the Nostradamus prophecies and getting really freaked out.


What current trend is totally lost on you?

Vegan food. And not out of ignorance - I just can't imagine surviving on a plant based diet myself.


What do people have a strong opinion about even though they might not know a lot about it?

Feminism. A lot of people will label themselves as such without knowing that much about it. 


If you could go back to one time and place from your own memory, where would you go?

My wedding. It was just me and my husband in St. Lucia.


What would be the ultimate indulgent day?

A spa day or pamper session. I quite enjoy a hot stone massage.

Tune back in next week for another PLATF9RM Member of the Week.