9 Great Plants For The Office Environment

Certain trends come and go; some for a thankful good and some just wait patiently for their next turn in the spotlight.

Offices are no different and office plants seem to be having their moment du jour. Aside from the benefits of having plants in a work environment such as air quality, adding plants to what can sometimes be a stale environment is a great way to liven and brighten up the office.
Here we have 9 plants that are great additions to the workplace.

Succulents are the plant of the moment - you can barely scroll through Instagram without coming across at least one if not a field of them. However, it's not without reason as they are incredibly easy plants to care for. Natural lovers of light, these plants just need plenty of sunshine and minimal watering. You're more likely to upset them by overwatering them so left to their own will, they'll happily grow on a windowsill and some flower in the height of warm weather.

If only they lived up to their names - money tree are similar to succulents with similar thick waxy leaves and capacity to hold onto water for a long time.  Best left sunbathing and with little and not very often watering.

Peperomia are also great little potted additions to a window sill and share a similar waxy leaf to succulents. Again these plants are not fussy and don't need too much watering (around once every two weeks) and are best in indirect sunlight. Unfortunately these little ones get the equivalent of plant sunburn and the leave yellow and droop so take care not to to leave them straight in the sun's glare.

Another great one for no fuss, a simple areca palm tree doesn't require too much watering. It does need a lot more space as it grows as its feathery branches spread out into open space.

Cheese plants. Absolutely nothing to do with cheese but boast and easily recognisable leaf shape, these plants are commonly associated with a tropical touch. They need plenty of space like palm plants as they grow and only need a top up of water every now and again if their soil is dry.

Ferns can be among the fussiest plants to have in an office space but if you've got that one person willing to give them the attention they need, they're great additions to the environment. A Boston Fern is the easiest one to care for and only needs a water check about once a week.

In terms of low maintenance plants, what is the most obvious than a cactus? Cacti come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some flower and all are painful if you pick them up in the wrong place. They're best left to their own devices in direct sunlight 

If these popular choice of house plant looks familiar, it would be because pineapple actually run in this plant family but despite it's tropical tendency, these plants are actually remarkably easy to care for and their flowers come in a range of bright tropical colours.

Calathea's are typically in varying shades of green but it's not hard to find those with the more unusual pink leaves. These are also great plants as they are considered as 'air cleaning' plants and are noted to improve air quality.