Member Of The Week - Paul Cooke

This week, we talk through another 9 questions with member Paul Cooke of Outside The Line.

Paul, what do you and outside the line do?

We run a small graphic design studio, creating vibrant and experimental branding or campaigns for socially and culturally positive companies.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

I tried a lot of places including a one person studio but the energy was quite down. A lot of places were really quiet and I wanted something a bit more lively. Plus the interior design here - come on, it's great.


What was the last photo you took?

Oh, it'll be some paste ups of our logo I did around Brighton. We put our logo character in different poses and place them around town.


What artist do you recommend if someone asks you?

Bill Viola. He's a video artist with really immersive and bold installations. He's quite often in the Tate or the Hayward Gallery.


What was the last splurge or treat item you bought?

A jumpsuit. I have three already but bought another one - I kinda want it to become a thing, like Boiler Suit Paul.


How many hours do you typically sleep?

Probably more than I should. But typically around 8 I'd say.


What's the weirdest thing to have happened to you in your job?

We were designing some packaging for a new cider. During a meeting with the client, we were treated to tasting the product... We all had a few too many and hit the town, all ending up legs akimbo. Client relations are important.


What was one of the last things you googled?

Trump Trump! It's quite funny to see the counter at the bottom just going up and up.


When was the most inappropriate time you burst out laughing?

I got the giggles was in a team pitch - my colleague belched in front of our clients. I lost my mind giggling for longer than was comfortable!


Quite a funny one this week! Keep an eye out for who will be featuring next. Check out Paul's Instagram here too.