Member Of The Week - Andy Broughton

In what will be an ongoing introduction, we will be putting one member of PLATF9RM in the spotlight every week so we can get to know them a bit better and hopefully find out something we didn’t know before!

Of course we asked 9 questions. Our first member is Andy Broughton of Digifingers.

What brought you to PLATF9RM?

I started off at The Skiff but I love the vibrancy and friendliness here. The people are really what make the environment.


What was the last thing you ate?

Scrambled egg on sourdough toast.


What are you watching at the moment?

Carnage by Simon Amstell. It's a comedy mockumentary but it seems to generate quite a lot of strong opinions. I would really recommend it.


Yeah, that is a bit of a hard one. I started off with digital design but it's changed and developed so I'm a bit more of an art director - I get involved with a lot of projects now.


What used to scare you as a kid?

Ghosts. But more to hunt them - I was obsessed with ghost busters.


One thing over and over again?

Snowboarding or lounging around in hot springs.


Night Owl or early bird?

From one to the other.


What's your party trick?

Jazz splits! Comes out a lot at weddings and such...

(We recommend a YouTube search of the move from the James Brown era to get a true understanding of the nature of this party trick.)


Whats the nicest thing someones done for you recently?

My friends came together to buy me standup paddle board.

Andy Broughton. 24/7 co-working.

Andy Broughton. 24/7 co-working.

As promised, we will be featuring another member next week so keep an eye out for who's next!