Member Of The Week - Andy Veal

This week PLATF9RM 's Member Of The Week is our favourite strawberry blonde and generally smiley office companion, Andy Veal. When he's not posing with a santa hat on, surrounded by paper sprouts, Andy is the Technical Director of Circulate Digital who drinks a worrying amount of Pepsi Max whilst juggling two phones and two computer screens at any one time.

Jess caught up with him this week to give him a good grilling about christmas trees, childhood dreams and various other strange things...some of which we exempted from the final edit.

So you’re a fairly new recruit to the PLATF9RM crew. What drew you to working with us?

We looked at loads of places and this was the newest and coolest place on the block. It’s got a real sense of community. It’s really nice and cosy. The low ceilings were a key and you can go up to the roof without having to pay extra.

Jess: Not that you're really supposed to!

We recently saw you walking around with a banana on your head… What fruit do you most relate to?


I don’t know. Relating to a fruit... A papaya? Is that a fruit? It’s the first one that popped into my head!

So are you enjoying this bracing english winter? Are you feeling festive?

I’m feeling very festive, can you not tell? The tree is up at home.

Jess: What colour?

Andy: The tree is green.

Jess: No, I meant what colour are the baubles!

Andy: The colour scheme is gold and silver and it’s got beads.

*Andy shows a photo*

Jess: Aarw you look really happy pointing to the baubles

Andy: I sent it to my mum, I was saying ‘Look Mum’. But yeah I like winter, growing up as a ginger. I have fair skin.

What did you think you would be when you were little? - Did you dream of being a web developer?

Didn’t everybody dream of being a web developer? I probably dreamed of being a teacher. A history teacher. My favourite part of history is modern history - the last 100 years.

How do you relax?

I turn off my phone and probably just binge watch Netflix.

Are you well travelled? What’s your ideal travelling destination?

I’ve been to a few places. My favourite place was probably New Orleans, that was cool. It’s just a very fun vibrant place. They do Mardi gras there. They wear beads on their boobs. That’s not why I like it...

Actually let’s just say New York.

How do you cope when tech-y things go wrong? Are you patient with computers, do you smack the screen or resort to the age-old approach of turning it off and on?

Jess: You tend to sit at the end of the table and shout at the computer.

Andy: I’m very patient.

Jess: I don’t know if you’re teacher patient

Andy: Probably not.  It’s not normally the computer going wrong, it's the users. I have done tech support and ever since the IT crowd people always say ‘shall I turn it off and on’ and I say no that’s not the solution. Although it can fix a lot of issues.

Are you an animal lover?

Yeah I suppose. My favourite animal is… an ostrich. No I don’t know. I like dogs. My parents have dogs...I'd like a dog..a chow-chow more specifically but I've been told they're too fluffy for me.

What fictional place would you most like to go to?

I’d go to Narnia. Where my parents live is in the middle of nowhere and it looks a bit like Narnia. There’s a big lamppost outside our house.

Thanks for your time Andy!

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