🎄 It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ☃️

Hey, welcome to the November/December edition of PLATF9RM ’s Press.

We’re now officially one year old! Thanks to everyone we’ve met over the last 12 months; we love our PLATF9RM family almost as much as our own families. We certainly argue with you less…

Here’s what happened over the last month.

Supper With... Toby Cackett & Ryan Hunt

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Floor 6 was turned into a twinkling dining room for Toby and Ryan’s supper club. Attended by 40 people, it was five courses of culinary majesty! We’ll be fighting you for a space at the next one.


How To Build A Community People Love


We were delighted to hold a fringe event for the Meaning Conference, with speakers Lizzie Hodgson, Carlos Saba and Jenni Lloyd giving us the skinny on building a lasting business community. A lively Q+A session followed, touching on political bias and how the language we use can make us both include and exclusive at the same time.



This evening of panels and discussions was an architecture geek’s delight. It was hosted by Modern Brighton & Hove who earlier this year published a map bring Brighton’s modern architecture. Our own Hove Town Hall was a topic of discussion, of course, with much debate spilled over those grey, blocky lines.

We Turned One - Birthday Party Social


It’s said there’s no game like freelancer musical chairs to break the ice, and our 1st Birthday Social proved this (frankly not very popular) adage true. An adult kids party was the theme, though the jelly on offer was definitely stronger than the stuff from our childhood.

It Appened

The PLATF9RM app happened! It’s now officially launched, giving our members loads of lovely discounts at places like Silo, The Salt Room, Hilton and Nail Crew.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, well, it’s your call but we think you’re doing the wrong thing.



Event Space / Quiet Zone

Aaaaaaaand, our event space on Floor 5 has been used a lot recently. This is obviously great for us, though we recognise  it can be inconvenient for those who want to use our Quiet Zone. We have a calendar of its usage on a chart outside the room, so please do keep an eye on it if you’re a Zoner.

Christmas Stuff

Christmas is coming and the sense of excitement is growing (talk to Membership Assistant Jess and you’ll notice that excitement hasn’t so much grown, but learned to drive, gone to university, had a career in sales and moved back in with its parents to save up for a house deposit).

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XMas Ho Ho Social

Thursday 14 December

This will be the last of the year. There will be mulling. and the chance to finally see Jess implode with festivity.


Michael Bremner Talk: 64 Degrees of Britishness

Tuesday 19 December, 5 - 7.30 PM


Michael is owner of 64 Degrees and a finalist in The Great British Menu. He’s a food doyen in Brighton and is coming to talk us through a life spent in the kitchen.


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PLATF9RM will still be an open 24/7 space for members during the xmas break, and staffed all days apart from 25/26 Dec and 1/2 Jan. Let us digest/get over our hangovers in peace plz x

See you soon,