We’re very proud (and a little relieved??) to make it to the Big One. It’s been a rollercoaster 12 months, but seeing our incredibly talented members grow their businesses remains a genuine daily joy for us. With that in mind, we thought we’d use our birthday blog to big up the achievements of some PLATF9RM members. We honestly could have picked anyone and will do more in the future– another reason to make it to the Big Two.




OMGTEA create premium organic matcha tea, and chief Katherine Swift is on a mission to educate the world about the curative effects of this delicious drink. 2017 saw them trademarked across the UK and awarded Great Taste Awards across their entire range, whilst Katherine lists the year’s biggest achievement as developing a new twist-and-shake dosing cap that enables customers to concoct some of that green goodness whilst on the move.

More of the same for 2018? Mostly likely, though Katherine’s on a mission to delegate more as she tries to kick back and smell the matcha.



You probably know George; man of many smiles and a never-wavering supply of gilets. George’s cleaning company ACIES keep PLATF9RM in the spotless state we’re accustomed to. They also have contracts with bars and restaurants across the city and have been pulled in so many new contracts that they hit their annual target 4.5 months early. Boom, etc.

Next year he wants to relaunch the website and double the team, whilst ensuring the standards of cleanliness in PLATF9RM do not falter: “We improve the quality of your work life by ensuring clean and healthy workspace. Happy and productive employees = good business and happy me.” STOP IT GEORGE YOU’RE KILLING US.




GAMELY has the single nicest company ethos on the planet: “Help people have more fun,” boss Hazel Reynolds tells us.

They’re best known for developing the card game Randomise, which should be on every PLATF9RM member’s post-Xmas dinner activity list. This year has seen them grow from one staff member to three, as well as expand into international markets like America, France and Spain. Hazel also garnered some personal recognition after being nominated for New Entrepreneur Of The Year at the Lloyds Business Awards. 2018 will see then unleash two brand new card games onto a fun-seeking world and hopefully continue the general awesomeness that defined their 2017.



Dom is the annoyingly-tanned MD of Snorkel- a creative business development agency that helps companies unlock their true super powers. Over the last year he’s helped various companies plumb those superhero depths, not least Zeitgeist; a music pr and communications company he’s led through a rebrand and and restructure that’s seen them win some of their biggest clients.

Dom has also been running the Virgin Startup events, that have brought together some of the area’s brightest business speakers for inspiring and influential evenings. If you need a business hook-up, Dom is your man with his fingers in several gently simmering pies.




Kim is co-founder of Unknown Epic, a company that uses the great outdoors to energise and connect its customers. Whether they’re organizing ‘Walkshops’ (company workshops that take place outside) or multi-day expeditions to the Dolomites that involve hiking, foraging, feasting and some serious team bonding, they’re never in an office and they’re never, ever, boring. 

2017 wasn’t all plain sailing and they had to withstand some cancelled expeditions; but it’s all good experience and they’re still (quite literally) fighting fit. 2018 sees them embarking on their biggest adventure yet: The Castaway. This will see them lake a team of hardy souls to a remote tropical inland. The aim? “Not just survive, but thrive.” You’ll not see us betting against their success.


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