The PLATF9RM Video Is Here And We Think You Will Love It!

Hey, we made a video!

The PLATF9RM community is at the heart of everything we do. We wanted a film to show that community it all its technicolor glory. So here it is!

We’re really proud of this video, and in true PLATF9RM style, it was a collaboration throughout. From the production wizardry of The Visuals Team, to Daisy’s script, to Dom, Hayley and Lucy’s cracking impromptu interviews, to the acting debut of Clarence the dog.. We reckon it’s a fitting snapshot of everything we love about this place.

Thanks to everyone who took time out to be interviewed. Sadly, we only had a short run time so we couldn’t include them all. Also, big PLATF9RM ❤️ to everyone who didn’t moan about having a camera shoved in their face whilst trying to work!

Please do share the video! And if you haven’t yet joined PLATF9RM but like the way we work, please come join us for a trial day.