9 Things To Do In Brighton This November

November! Month of firework-pattered skies. Soon we’ll be in a blizzard of Xmas drink plans and fretting because our really organised mate has already done their shopping. So take a moment to breathe in that familiar smell of sulfur, and appreciate the silence between the bangs. Or, even better, check out the best things going on in and around Brighton this month.

PLATF9RM are a creative bunch...

PLATF9RM are a creative bunch...

Cyborg Life Drawing – 03 November – New England House

Far too rarely do the worlds of cyborgs and life drawing intertwine. Righting this wrong is Draw Brighton, who are teaming with Brighton-based post-apocalyptic crew Malice in Wasteland. Throughout New England House studios, models will be posing in future-industrial outfits as they explore what they call the “juxtaposition between the soft curvatures of the human form with the harsh, angular shapes of the man made.”

Photo Credit : Keiran Kelly http://bit.ly/2zufEOq

Photo Credit : Keiran Kelly http://bit.ly/2zufEOq

Lewes Bonfire – 05 November - Lewes

Lewes Bonfire is a true Sussex oddity and your opinion of it will be shaped by how long you’ve lived in Brighton. Up to three years and you’ll still be in enthralled by the sensory-defying weirdness of it all: the street fireworks! The processions! The burning crosses! The Wicker Man-esque hatred displayed towards outsiders!

Anything more than that, and you’ll probably prefer the idea of not getting your eyes blown out. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been, though..


BEYONCE PARTY - 10 November - Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

It’s a Beyonce party, m8. 😍 😍 😍


Maps & Lives – 11 NOVEMBER - 03 December - PHOENIX STUDIOS

Maps & Lives is a three-week participatory installation in which visitors and groups work with artists to create an ever-growing map of their lives in Brighton & Hove. It will accumulate documents and drawings of people’s personal life journeys and histories, which will fill the gallery before eventually spilling into the streets.


Paper Daisy Event’s Winter Street Food & Market– 12 NOVEMBER – Open Market

12th November just qualifies as Christmas shopping season and Paper Daisy Events will be taking over the Open Market with up to 50 stalls selling vintage galore, jewellery. crafts, home interiors, art, and premium stocking tat. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll also have a selection of some of Brighton’s most yumsome food stalls.


Meaning Conference – 16 NOVEMBER – Brighton Dome

Meaning is a day of lectures, discussions and workshops that will investigate the role that business can play in shaping the future of the planet. PLATF9RM is actually holding a fringe event at Tower Point, where guest speakers will be dissecting the importance of community in business. Come and make some pals.


Club Europ Express – 19 NOVEMBER - Rosehill Tavern

This month’s ‘only in Brighton’ entry is Club Europ Express, a night for Europe lovers and remoaners to get together at the Rosehill Tavern, drink, chat Brexit woes and shake their schwanzfeder.


Kitty Glitter – 24 NOVEMBER – Komedia

The Kitty Glitter Kollective are famous party starters and style themselves as a ‘post-gender apotheosis of glamour, style and excess’. Their November event has a Europe theme and they’ll be dropping strictly Brussels-approved Europop, dance, house, disco and everything in-between.


Drawing Club – 07 & 28 November – Hope & Ruin

Our main illustration gal Amy Brown hosts this twice-monthly drawfest. Come down expecting challenges, free drinks offers and no doubt some off-centre pictures. It’s very much an all-standards vibe, so don’t worry if your drawing ability amounts to wobbly stick men.