Guestblog: 6 Brighton Artists And Illustrators That Should Be On Your Radar

Brighton Illustration Fair is a brilliantly creative celebration of the city’s illustrators. Their third event takes place this weekend and is a must for all full-time artists or part-time doodlers. We asked Andrew from BIF to take time away from his preparations to give PLATF9RM the skinny on six awesome local artists and illustrators. He came back with a connoisseur's selection. 


I've started with a relative newcomer to Brighton, as it's key for our event to encourage the growth of the medium in this town. Blending bold colour and big lines with a considered basic, naive style, Stephanie’s style is total magic. It’s very current but also feels like it would be at home on a dusty roadside cafe sign on the outskirts of a far-flung city; Jakarta perhaps. We’re big fans. It’s also worth checking out her equally talented sister Catherine, who'll be tabling over the weekend too.



Having published work recently in Vice and Elle, Bridget's work is funny, weird and often features big-faced baby men. Like everyone on this list, Bridget has a super distinctive style that can only have come from her brain. It doesn't take itself seriously but that doesn't mean she hasn't got some serious talent. Find her comics and more online. Deffo one to watch.



We choose a 'Selected Brighton Illustrator’ for each fair. In the year leading up to the event, we quietly keep an eye out on what folk are up to. If we see someone whose work is evolving nicely and they're putting out regular stuff, we then pounce on them. In a nice way of course. Through this we can hopefully help, in some small way, to give them a platform for their work. 

This year we chose the figurative abstractions of Lucy Sherston. We love how she blends stuff you do and don't recognise and her colour palette is also 👌.

Aside from designing the poster for this year’s event (and an animated trailer put together by the talented hands of animation studio Buff Motion) Lucy is also currently constructing site-specific sculptures that will be on site over the weekend. She'll also be tabling her wares and doing a 'make your own banner' workshop on the Sunday with Brighton’s favourite goth. Speaking of which…



It's a disservice to say that Pippa's work only serves a goth agenda. It's more about rock n roll, a wry homage to sub-cultures of the past, and bad-ass women that don't take no ** from no man.

Using scanned-in cut-outs, amongst other techniques, you’ll have likely seen her work on gig posters, badges or on the back of some young punk’s jacket around town. We love her.



You might have heard of David. He did that thing in London with a big thumb [David designed the giant bronze thumb that currently sits on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth]. He got nominated for that world famous art prize [Turner Prize]. Y’know, the everyday stuff. Now David has moved to this fair town, we can put him on the list.

We're incredibly honoured to have him as a guest this year and cannot wait to watch his talk with It's Nice That founder, Will Hudson. The curation of each year’s guests is as much about the big names as it is emerging and less widely known talent. It's important we present them (as best we can) on an equal footing; we really hope that comes across.

shriggles copy.jpg


There’s six of them so it’s a bit of a cheat but, in some ways, this is one of the most important parts of BIF for us. After academic life, it can be a genuine challenge to keep your creative self alive. One of the great ways to do this is to band together and form a collective. These guys have done just that and there's some real talent amongst them. It's hard to choose a singular illustrator/image but we went for one by Theo Payne; he's got a real strong editorial tone to his work and hopefully our selection shows that.


Brighton Illustration Fair takes places 21st–22nd October. Find all the details here.