Member Of The Week - Bee Laird

This weeks Member of the Week is Bee Laird; often found in the quiet zone with admirable focus so naturally we distracted her from her work by asking her nine hugely important questions and to discuss what really made up the perfect Sunday.

Introducing Bee Laird, Super duper clever Dr!! You use PLATF9RM as a place to do medical research, what are you currently working on?

So current projects are - I’m looking at a potential Zika vaccine, so we are interviewing travel experts, nurses and doctors and we have two product profiles for two vaccines to get their opinion on, and whether it could be used in the UK. A bigger one that I’m working on at the moment is on depression and trying to categorise patients into different types of depression, and the company that we’re working for want to know if they then can tailor the molecule, the mode of action to the type of patient so that you can target it better as so many people with depression don’t get treated adequately. So many people relapse all the time, and it has such an awful knock-on effect on everything so it’s quite a hot topic of research. 

As a dedicated user of PLATF9RM 's Floor 5 Quiet Zone, what is it that drew you to our co-working space?


I am! It’s my office! I think opportunity to get out of the house, it’s pretty and it’s cool and you guys at the front desk are warm. You feel like you’re part of a community. If you freelance you have to be very independent, so to become part of an office without the office feel is massive. It’s incredible here

Of all our four legged co-workers, do you have a favourite PLATF9RM Pooch?

Of course! Rita! She’s my best friends dog!

If you were a colour, what colour would it be and why?

Oh wow, this is a classic market research question! So grey is my favourite colour - but would I be grey though? The thing about grey is that in the right light it shines and can be absolutely vibrant. If you think about Aberdeen and the buildings there, it’s absolutely the most vibrant thing! And of course if you’re not in a good mood I guess it can match that mood, and you can just be grey!

But I think it can be very warm, I mean PLATF9RM has grey, and my bedroom is grey, it’s a cocoon - I’m obsessed with the colour!

Do you have a favourtie christmas song?

Oh god no…You know the awful thing about Christmas is, it’s great but it’s associated with so much going on at school, work goes crazy, there’s a tax bill at the end of the month - it just becomes overwhelming!  But let’s just say Jingle Bells because I know the words!

If you could shop free in one shop for ever what would it be?

Waitrose. (Doesn’t hesitate for a second!) That would be great!

Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Oh I have no idea! I guess the advice I would give to my children would probably be something really boring like ‘manners cost nothing’ or maybe just ’treat other people the way you would want to be treated’

What's next on your bucket list?

Oh! So I want to expand what it is I’m doing now - sometimes I get these really amazing projects which I’m completely enthused about and I love and they take over and I always don’t mind that, and then quite often I do ‘little bits’ and I want to stop doing these ‘little bits’ and I want to take on the bigger projects, work with a collection of people who I’ve identified, set up a website and present ourselves to new clients and win more interesting, bigger projects that we have more control over. So it’s a whole thing that I’m doing right now, taking advantage of the Brighton Chambers, Bitesize Learning and I have two courses lined up, a website developer - I’m just on the cusp and it’s really exciting but also quite daunting, I don’t know how much time it’s going to take to do it and it has to be no risk so I can continue doing what I am right now, but I feel it’s time for a shift and this is it.

Describe your perfect Sunday...

So it would have been after a fun Saturday night but perhaps not one where you’ve completely overdone it so you wake up feeling moderately fresh! It would be one of those lovely days with family and friends, I quite the kids being around and there’s a collection of you, your favourites and you wind up in a pub and the food’s good, and it might be outside and the sun’s shining and it’s warm - it’s the social element and the people that I’m with, and the wine pouring - I mean there doesn’t have to be absolutely shitloads of wine but a few glasses and a general feeling of cohesion and socialising.