Greg Sheridan (1963-2017)

I’ve been hoping to kick off New Year with some news on PLATF9RM and how we’ve all been getting on, and our new members, and the train strikes and so on – but that’s going to have to wait a few days.

Early in the New Year we received some news which has caused us all to pause and reflect. We lost our Copywriter and all round inspiration Greg Sheridan, who died suddenly.

It’s been quite a shock. Only on New Year’s Eve, Greg and I were sharing news by text and looking forward to seeing one another ‘on the other side’. He was genuinely excited and enthused about the year ahead.

Brighton & Hove resident, Greg, has been a huge influence to us. Developing the PLATF9RM copy and helping us evolve the PLATF9RM brand. He, along with our designer (and great friend of Greg’s) Rich Brett are responsible for why we have to explain its Platform Nine not ‘Platfninermmmmm’! Like Greg – the logo has a way of looking at something differently that on the outside is fairly straightforward.

Greg also just loved the number 9. And it had to be red. Don’t ask me why, but it did. He kicked off the 9 favourite songs on the playlist, he made games that ended in the number 9, he was planning a series of quizzes with 9 questions …... He was also our 9th member. Funny that?

I found myself this week wondering what plans we should make for the coming weeks, and instinctively wanted to ask Greg (I’d quite like him to check this copy!) Cliff, a fellow member, and friend of Greg’s felt the same. We agreed that when stuck - we’d pause and ask ‘what would Greg do?’.

The life of Lopsided Charlie from Lopsided Charlie on Vimeo.

Lopsided Charlie, a character who always looked at life through a different lens, is Greg’s alter ego. Lopsided Charlie will be with us forever at PLATF9RM in one way or another.

We will all miss Greg enormously.

Seb Royle and all at PLATF9RM