Company Of The Week - Kingsland Linassi

This week's company of the Week is Kingsland Linassi. We managed to coax Caroline, their Strategy Director out of their office on the 5th floor for a chat.

Introducing Caroline Douglas-Hamilton - strategist, socialite and all round beaut. Tell us a bit about Kingsland Linassi - How did you end up working with all these amazing luxury brands?

In a nutshell, Kingsland Linassi is a branding and communications agency specialising in luxury resort and real estate around the world.

We were launched in 2008 by our co-founders Ian and Julian with a view to specialise in luxury residential property. Having worked together on several high-end London and international developments they decided to take their experience and go it alone and build a reputation in what is essentially a fairly niche market.

Since then, we’ve gone on to build a client base and reputation covering every continent, stretching from Hawaii to Japan.

We’ve also expanded our portfolio to include luxury hotels, resorts, yacht builders and hospitality brands over the years. Our clients include Four Seasons Resort Estates, Aman, Sugar Beach, Palace Hotel Tokyo, Christie’s Real Estate and British Land.

So why did you choose PLATF9RM as opposed to another office space?

We already have an office in Mayfair and a design studio in Suffolk that house most of our team.

We made the decision to open a Brighton office at the end of last year with a view to growing a team down here and tapping into Brighton’s talent pool. Plus, some of us happen to be Sussex folk so it made life a little easier too…

Having looked at a lot of independent offices and communal spaces in Brighton, PLATF9RM stood out for us thanks to the atmosphere. With so few of us at this stage in Brighton, it’s great to feel like part of a much bigger set up with like-minded people so early on.


How does PLATF9RM match your expectations? Was there anything in particular that surprised you?

I think if anything, PLATF9RM has exceeded our expectations. It’s a vibrant, friendly space with areas for us to entertain clients and visiting team members. Plus, we think Julian is fitting in far better than expected in his pin stripe suits.

When it comes to being luxurious are there any places you frequent to treat yourself?

Thankfully I get to travel a lot with Kingsland Linassi and we have some fairly extraordinary clients.

None more than unique than Kasiiya, our private, off-grid Costa Rican eco retreat, with only 5 suits set across 123 acres, including 2 private beaches.

Sadly, I’ve had to turn down numerous visits thanks to my ridiculous phobia of snakes… (of which by the way, there are over 130 different species including some of the world's most deadly in Costa Rica.)
I’m a bit happier closer to civilisation so spent my summer reading a book on Malibu beach, shopping in Santa Monica and eating brunch at Gjelina in Venice beach.

In terms of doing luxury on a budget what are your tips?


At Kingsland Linassi you specialise in various things, which aspect of your work do you like the most and why?

I think working with some of the nicest brands in resorts and real estate has its obvious perks! But I’m really proud of the storytelling and positioning work we do to help our clients translate their ambitions into real life, tangible brands. Everyone has a story to tell, we just help them tell it.

Now a few more personal questions; what is the first thing you do when you come home from work?

I really want to say something profoundly insightful and enviable but it’s probably just pour a glass of wine, change into questionable loungewear and binge on Big Little Lies or Ozark.  

Describe your ideal day? What would you do? Where would you go? And who would you spend it with?

Winter, wellies, dogs, family, a long walk and a decent glass of red in a pub at the end of it.

And last but not least, what’s the best business trip you ever received?

Hands down, working in Tokyo in August this year. Japan has always been top of my bucket list so it was a fantastic experience. Being flown First with BA was a decent client touch too! Although, my appreciation of Japanese food has been challenged having been offered neck meat, womb and tracheal valve skewers over the course of 6 days.