Magazine Brighton

Meet, work, collaborate and have a break. With help of Roxy @magbrighton we have hand selected a magazine collection for you to have a read. Scandi lifestyle, travelling of the beaten track, indie gaming, coffee and hops - we think we have it all covered. We will be featuring one magazine, selected by Emilie our Membership Manager, every week on our social media and would love to hear what you think!

We believe in supporting local and independent business and while we were chatting with Roxy we have found out her favourite magazines:

“I have many favourite magazines it's so hard to pick just one. I love them all even the ones I like less!  Some of my favourites have to include Design Anthology, The Plant, Many of Them, Delayed Gratification, Works That Work, Kinfolk, The Alpine Review and Makeshift (and that's my short list).”

What makes Magazine Brighton such a great place to work?

“The shop for me has been such an inspiring space to work, the incredible mix of interesting people I meet day to day is what has made it so special for me. The conversations, passion you feel from people and feedback customers offer us has been beyond incredible. We are often asked if it's OK to just come in and browse which we genuinely like people to do. We also like to offer a monthly free talk where people have a chance to learn from or get inspired by various emerging talents and editors or designers from our publications.”

Who is behind the idea of Magazine Brighton?

“It has all been made possible because of Martin Skelton (Owner) who opened the shop two years ago. He has always been passionate about magazines from a young age and promised himself if no one else did, he would open a shop in Brighton dedicated to independent magazines. Years later Magazine Brighton was born offering people one place to go where you could find a wide range of carefully curated independent magazines for everyone. The long term goal is to hopefully one day be in a position to help fund start up publications in the local community.”

And what is that you are reading at the moment?

“At the moment I am really liking The Outpost. It's published in Beirut in Lebanon and in their words 'explores the possibilities in the Arab world for positive changes and aims to shift perspectives to inspire action'. It raises very relevant and important issues that are needed to address especially in current times.”

One to add to our collection!




Seb, Olga, Emilie & Jo