Red Roaster Coffee

At PLATF9RM we believe in supporting our local independent businesses. We also love our coffee! Combining the two we are delighted to source our coffee from Red Roaster during the winter months. 

Every time you drink a cuppa you will be supporting Kayitare and his farm. Red Roasters are working with Gasigati farm which is located 1.5h from Kingali the capital of Rwanda and is providing a single origin, single farm, hand harvested coffee. 



When the coffee beans arrive, they are then roasted by Rob and Diane at their Roastery in Kemptown, and delivered to us sustainably by bike. 

The coffee is getting great reviews among our members and guests. 

As part of the initiative Red Roasters are building a school enabling education of children of local farmers and others involved in the coffee industry. If you haven't tried it yet come and visit.