Space, Craft and Graft

After months in planning, designing and making, PLATF9RM on Floor 6 at Tower Point opened its doors on Monday 28 November. It’s been a blur of activity and wonderful to witness the transformation from building site to collaborative meet and work space.
Thanks to everyone who’s taken a tour, and for all those who’ve signed on the dotted line we look forward to seeing you here, as and when. Our first member, Jen (Accounts & Legal), has already settled into her private office; now joined by Mel (Bare Biology) and her team; with two further teams calling this home at the start of the new year.

The co-working area at the front of the space is buzzing with freelancers, trying out life at PLATF9RM for free throughout all of December. Go on, give it a blast. You know you want to!
Red Roaster's Rwandan Single Origin, roasted by Rob and brewed by Emilie (Lashmar), our Membership Manager, is getting poured, stirred and drunk, thick and fast. Please feel free to drop by for a cup, a chat and a good old nose around. Just let Emilie know. Oh, and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram.

If we don't see you before Christmas, have a good one – we’ll be closing on the afternoon of Friday 23 December and back open on Wednesday 28 December.
Here’s to a fun, creative and busy 2017.
Watch this space, then make it yours.

Have a great Christmas.


Seb, Olga, Emilie & Jo