PLATF9RM environments enable connections between the city’s fast-growing community of professionals, from start-ups to those already making waves. Welcome to the spirit of independents. It’s a case of revolution (in thinking and working) and evolution (in atmosphere and culture) going hand in hand. Let’s call it evolution with a capital R.

Say goodbye to expensive and overcrowded trains to London. Say hello to local workspaces that are a short walk or bike ride away and full of like minded people with similar hopes and aspirations to you. Meet, talk to, and engage and collaborate with others who work in your field and related industries.

And as your business grows and your needs change, your workspace can evolve accordingly. One desk becomes two, three or four, maybe even an office. Time to turn your life downside-up.

A new found sense of freedom and opportunity in your working life. That’s what we set out to offer. So do what you do best and leave when you’re done. You’ll know when the time is right, not when the clock says so. Welcome to the network effect; interactions, momentum, achievement. We’ve done our bit, now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to find the gap?



Find The Gap

PLATF9RM will be opening in a number of exciting locations in the near future. The inaugural PLATF9RM launched on the 28th November in the North Laine area of Brighton.


North Laine, Brighton

Floor 6, Tower Point
44 North Rd


View the map below to see exactly where we are.


Hove Venue coming soon. Watch this space.






We will always be keeping our eyes and ears open for the smartest and sassiest people to become part of the PLATF9RM team. If not part of, then definitely connected to.

We want to hear from Brighton & Hovers and others who live close by. People who can shine in the spotlight but also disappear into the background when the time’s right. Energisers. People who love to engage with, connect to, help and support other people. Good talkers, good thinkers, good listeners. People with heart. Get up and goers. Lovers of life. Hard workers and business growers. People who can think on their feet and are not afraid to make on-the-spot decisions. Interesting people who can light up conversations. People with ideas and initiatives. People with people-management skills. Passionate people. People with experience of start-ups. You may have worked in hospitality or PR or design or a hundred other sectors. You’ll be organised and focused. A natural dotter of ‘i’s and crosser of ‘t’s. Your attitude will almost certainly be a level up from ‘can do’. Let’s call it ‘already done’. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway), you’ll also be warm and friendly and a good sense of humour is always a bonus.

If you think you’ve got some of these qualities, then please get in touch.


Watch this space, then make it yours.