PLATF9RM is a thriving business community in Brighton & Hove.

We create contemporary workspaces that enable our members to flourish through collaboration.

In 24 months we’ve grown to 750 members across two beautifully fitted sites. We've already accrued a smorgasbord of professions: film-makers, PR agencies, illustrators, charities, accountants, writers, cleaners, graphic designers and plenty more. We’ve even got a mime artist!

Our team pride themselves on becoming familiar with all member businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer or CEO of a multi-national company, we’ll encourage the connections our workspaces are designed to inspire. We also curate a program of social and cultural events that ensure PLATF9RM members get to know each other personally. To us, above everything, the community is key.

If you've ever wondered why we're called PLATF9RM, find out here.